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Realistic M249 SAW
Firearms Mod
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Half-Life: Counter-Strike
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Description: Realistic M249 SAW

Model-hack from the Firearms mod. A realistic model including an accurate reload animation.

Model-hack from the Firearms mod. I was a SAW gunner for 2 years and
it has always amazed me that almost NOBODY ever gets the reload
animations right. Then I saw this beauty and knew I had to port it overto Counter-Strike. P_model is a low poly, had a better one but it just didn't work out right, besides I've never really noticed it in a game.m249_bolt.wav is not a standard sound, make sure you use it even
if you don't want to change your existing sounds. Also corrected model
fr "perspective sydrome" of v_models that makes the longer guns look
like hypodermic needles.

Model and animations and most of the skin:
Firearms Mod Team

Conversion, sounds, editing, model correction and skin touch-ups:
Wile E Coyote

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