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Counter-Strike Ultimate Realism
Snap & Wolferine
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Half-Life: Counter-Strike
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The CS Ultimate Realism pack replaces all weapon models with a higher quality version in a much more realistic form. The most realistic models pack for CS so far!

Counter-Strike Ultimate Realism Pack v1.0


Ever since the day that CS first introduced right handed weapon models until now, the weapons have never been
even close to being realistic. From now on, when I talk about the default CS models I'm talking about the right
handed ones. Here's a few things which are totally unrealistic. First there's the ejector port which is in CS on
the LEFT side of the gun but in real life it's on the RIGHT side of the gun. The reason for this is because the
developers had many animations where the player pulled the bolt or cocked the gun, for example the M4a1. Because
the developers didn't want to do the animations again for right handed users, they mirrored the animations and the
gun instead, making it for right handed users completely unrealistic. Another unrealistic thing is the ejected shells.
When the gun is shot it normally ejects the shell casing of the bullet through the ejector port but because the
ejector port is on the wrong side of the gun, so are the shell casings. From the start people wanted to change the
shells casings but the problem was, they are hard coded, so they couldn't be changed. This is one of the reasons why
some modellers and skinners didn't bother to create realistic replacement models, because the shell casing would eject
from the wrong side even if their weapon was created realistic. For a moment, raise your hands and pretend like you're
holdin a gun and keep that position for about 10 to 20 seconds and watch you're arms closely. If you are not into mime
you should see that your arms slightly move, even when you try to keep them still. The CTs and Terrorists in CS don't
seem to have that, they can keep their arms stiff like a robot could, which is again pretty unrealistic if you ask me.
A problem that both left handed and right handed users have is that the gun is held way too much to the side of the
screen to be realistic. Also have you ever noticed that some guns can jump to another position after you have reloaded
or shot with it? The Desert Eagle and the M249 are examples of that, this is because the idle animation doesn't match
with the end of the reload or shoot animations. All the things I just described are what makes the game more unrealistic.
Say goodbye to those disturbing errors, here comes the Counter-Strike Realism Pack. My name is David De Bels aka Snap,
I live in Belgium and you could pretty much describe me as an average 17 year old who plays and enjoys CS once in a while.
I have been interested into customising HL from the very beginning I bought it, though my real intrest came when I started
playing Firearms (which I love for it's realism) and where I soon learned to compile, some basic modelling and eventually
animate. When browsing through the Weapon-Hacks forums ( I saw a topic about the release of a realism
pack for CS. I was happy to see this but I ended up disappointed as it was not what I expected to be realism, no offence to
the creators. Closely after that Games-Fusion released their Fusion Assault pack, which had the motto "combines both realism
and action". Again this was not realistic at all, the Games-Fusion packs are all alike, they are models created by the CS
modelling community for everyone for free that are gathered in one pack and being sold without the author's permission.
I advise everyone not to download a thing from them and definatly not pay them for it as Games-Fusion do not deserve a cent.
I thought that if I wanted real realism instead of wannabe realism I had to do it myself, and this is the result, the
Counter-Strike Ultimate Realism Pack.


The Counter-Strike Ultimate Realism Pack features things that were previously impossible. Instead of gathering models and put
them in a pack, I gathered the very best replacement models for CS available and made every single one of them realistic.

- The very best and most realistic replacement models available for Counter-Strike.
- The ejector port of all weapons is now on the right side of the weapon.
- The shell casings now eject on the right side of the weapon.
- Corrected all animations to fit with the correctly mirrored weapons.
- Added gunsway/breathing animations, when not shooting or reloading the weapon will slightly move as if you are breathing.
- Changed the position of the weapon more to the middle.
- Corrected the animation bug with the idle animation where needed.

Snap - April 2002

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