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Emperor's Tomb Patch v1.01

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File Info: Emperor's Tomb Patch v1.01

Emperor's Tomb Patch v1.01
Lucas Arts
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Description: Emperor's Tomb Patch v1.01

Install Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb v1.01 patch to update your action/adventure, fixing a variety of bugs. You'll need to remap your controller after updating.

Corrects various gameplay issues, including:

Fixes a crash that occurred when attempting to start the game on a system with a Matrox Parhelia.
Fixes a crash that occurred when using advanced graphical settings on some video cards.
Fixes various intermittent crashes in the game.
Fixes various graphical issues on non-VS/PS cards.
Fixes various graphical issues that occurred on some cards.
Fixes various gameplay issues.
Fixes an issue with the music continuing to play when tasked out to the desktop.
Fixes a sound issue that occurred when using certain items.
Adjusts the sensitivity settings for game controllers.
Fixes certain game controller configuration issues.

NOTE: If you have remapped your controller before patching, you will need to remap after installing this update.

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