BF1942 - PBF BF1942 Server Map-Pack #2

File Info: BF1942 - PBF BF1942 Server Map-Pack #2

BF1942 - PBF BF1942 Server Map-Pack #2
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Description: BF1942 - PBF BF1942 Server Map-Pack #2

The second map pack from that is comprised of seven great new maps from their Custom Map Download Center. See more information for futher details.

PBF Map-Pack #2 is comprised from the seven great maps from our Custom Map Download Center. They all went through testing for game play and the 'fun & cool 'factor. All of them passed with flying colors and are truly a blast to play! They offer something for every type of soldier and any type of mood. All of the authors of these map deserve our thanks. They truly are doing amazing work for the community. We should all support them every way we can. Be sure to read all of the readme.txt that are included. Enjoy!

-Battle of Bastogne
-Assault Map
-Fish River
-Blitz Creek
-Showdown Isle
-Train Wreck
-Battle for Guam 2.0

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