Raven Shield v1.0 - 1.60 Patch [US English]

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File Info: Raven Shield v1.0 - 1.60 Patch [US English]

Raven Shield v1.0 - 1.60 Patch [US English]
Also known as:
Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield, Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 3: Raven Shield
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Description: Raven Shield v1.0 - 1.60 Patch [US English]

The US English v1.0 - 1.60 patch for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield is available. This patch fixes many issues and adds some improvements. See more info for details.

1.56 Changes
Locked the debug commands that were left unlocked in the previous patch.

1.54 Changes

Enhanced support for Athena Sword and future mission packs.

1.53 Changes And Additions

This patch should finally resolve the wall-peeking issue as well as address the problems users of the OEM discs have been having.

1.52 / Changes And Additions

New fully integrated update system to help keep your game up-to-date.

Now supports adding custom operatives (player made) to the game.

Improvements for supporting for Athena Sword and future mission packs.

Many small bug fixes

1.51 Changes And Additions

Addresses problems with virtual drives.

1.5 Changes And Additions

Added an Operative SDK.

CD-Keys stored in the registy are now encrypted.

Enhanced support for Athena Sword and future mission packs.

Fixed some problems related to the “Immediate Firing Animations” option. Including the 3 round burst animation that was not exactly representing the shooting of three rounds and the pump shotgun empty reload sound that was missing.

When connecting to PunkBuster enabled server, cancelling the connection then immediately re-trying to connect will generate various error messages.

Modified Raven Shield codes so that it won’t time out as easily when waiting for CD-Key authorisation.

Solved some problems related to switching players in coop mode that most often would result in crashes or other strange behaviours.

PunkBuster messages that are too long to fit on one line will wrap at the end of line to the second. Before they were simply truncated.

Fixed a bug where the camera could get stuck in a certain position from time to time, usually at the start of a round.

Fixed the case where "RavenShield" was displayed instead of the name of the map in the server list.

Fixed the intro videos that would still play even when the game was started through a game service like Ubi.com, GameSpy or the All Seeing Eye.

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