AG Mod v6.3 Update [Win/Linux Server]

File Info: AG Mod v6.3 Update [Win/Linux Server]

AG Mod v6.3 Update [Win/Linux Server]
AG Team
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Description: AG Mod v6.3 Update [Win/Linux Server]

Here is the upgrade from 6.0 to 6.3 as an installer for Windows and Linux servers. This is a deathmatch enhancement that has cheat protection, spectator mode, new game modes and match features.

Added features:
Added 3 new CTF maps, agctf_forsaken and agctf_echo by ReNo and agctf_daydream by Cash Car Star
Added Capture The Flag II gamemode. It's a mix between Last Team Standing and CTF
Added Domination gamemode. This is a gamemode that [*mup*]Hicks been working on. There are a bit more work to be done here, but you can play it on datacore so far!
Added hud_color and fixed con_color on request from Tolon
Added agnextmode to change mode when the map changes
Added empty agallow statement to vote for yourself
Added sv_ag_allow_timeout 0/1 to be able to turn off timeout on the server
Added play_close to play a wav file to team m8's close of you. At the same time I changed play_team to play to all team m8's
Added so that satchels can teleport. With this there is a little chance of blowing up mines set close to the teleport. But it won't get the ones a further away.
Added agrecord to be able to record to a unique filename without using aliases.
Added some overview images for popular maps made by Stig and Jugger.

Modelcheck now works properly
Fixed black text when using no colors
Fixed problems with the storm dudes names
You can use ^ in text now
Fixed two egon beams in specmode
Fixed egon beam left on screen when you specced someone using a beam and you left specmode
Fixed annoying bug when a players grens, satchels where invisible in specmode
Fixed restore score in lan games (based it on IP address)
Fixed sound and position problems in spectator mode - still not fixed in HLTV
I removed damage on the rpg and grenades left in air when the map is reset (problem with lamers in arena/lts/lms mode)

Other changes:
Updated cheat protection. It will now use less memory in the server (wont precache the halflife.wad etc).
Note - that liquids.wad, halflife.wad and gfx.wad is added to cheat check. So dont change them.
Also not that you can change blue/red models as you whish. Just dont make em bigger than the standard models.
The cheat protection is turned off in LAN servers cause it's just annoying to wait there.
Changed url to loadauthid. It now accepts any web address, but you cant load any other local file than realnames.txt

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