Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries PR1 Patch

File Info: Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries PR1 Patch

Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries PR1 Patch
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Mech Warrior 4: Mercenaries
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Description: Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries PR1 Patch

The Point Release 1 Patch for the English retail Mechwarrior expansion, Mercenaries, hosts a good number of fixes and features.

This readme contains information about the changes and improvements provided by
the Microsoft(r) MechWarrior(r) 4: Mercenaries Point Release 1.

A. Installation and System Requirements
B. Changes and Improvements
C. Troubleshooting Error Messages During Patch Installation

A. Installation and System Requirements

The MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries Point Release 1 (PR1) is a self-extracting
WinZip file (Mercpr1.exe) that contains the following patch files:

- Mw4mercs.rtp
- mw mercs patch 1 readme.rtf (this file)
- Patchw32.dll
- Patchw.dll
- PatchApply.exe

If you saved the Mercpr1.exe zip file to your computer before installing the
patch (i.e., you chose "Save" in the "File Download" dialog box), perform the
following installation procedure to unzip and install the patch.

To install the MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries PR 1 Point Release
1. Go to the folder where you saved Mercpr1.exe.
2. Double-click the Mercpr1.exe file, and then follow the instructions
that appear on the screen.
Once you have installed the point release no further action is required.

B. Changes and Improvements

The patch includes the following changes and improvements for Mech Warrior 4:
* New protections that prevent players from using "trainer" tools. These tools
allowed players to create 'Mechs that violated game limits on weapons and
* Improved the way heat works in order to limit exploits with energy weapons
and to keep the intended flavor of the game universe. Specifically:
o Heat is now tracked to a higher threshold.
o You can now only override an automatic shutdown one time while the
temperature of a 'Mech is in automatic shutdown range. If the 'Mech continues
to stay above that temperature, it will continue to automatically shut down.
o If you shut down manually when the temperature of the 'Mech is in
automatic shutdown range, you will not be able to start up again until the
temperature is below the automatic shutdown threshold.
* The "NoFog" setting in the videocard.txt file no longer disables fog. This
setting was originally intended as a compatibility fix for older video cards,
but its potential for giving players an unfair advantage in multiplayer games
has necessitated its removal.
* The "No Respawn" checkbox in the Game Lobby screen has been replaced by a "#
of waves" checkbox, which functions as follows:
o When the "# of waves" checkbox is unchecked, respawn functionality is
enabled. The resulting behavior is the same as in the retail version of
MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries when the "No Respawn" box was unchecked.
o When the "# of waves" checkbox is checked and the # of waves is set to
1-9, the functionality is similar to the retail version of MechWarrior 4:
Mercenaries when the "No Respawn" box was checked, but it is limited by a set
number of waves in addition to a time limit.
o When the "# of waves" checkbox is checked and the # of waves is set to
Unlimited, the functionality is identical to the retail version of MechWarrior
4: Mercenaries if the "No Respawn" box was checked (waves continue until the
time limit is reached).
* Adjusted objects in the "Paradise" multiplayer map so that it no longer
occasionally crashes the game.
* An occasional crash which displayed the message "Stop: Vehicle off edge"
error has been fixed.
* The amount of "knock" caused by being hit by a Rotary Autocannon 2 (RAC2) has
been reduced.
* The ER PPC now does 14 damage, and its range is now 925 meters.
* All 'Mechs now have the same internal heat scale. The changed 'Mechs include
the Masakari, Daishi, Atlas, Hauptmann and Thanatos.
* If you own one or both MechWarrior 4: 'Mech Pak products, you can now run a
dedicated server and connect to that server as a client even if both machines
have the 'Mech Paks with the same Product Identification number installed.
* You can now run a Win32 dedicated server and restrict 'Mechs from either of
the MechWarrior 4: 'Mech Pak products.
* When a host player fires missiles while in Passive radar mode, the missiles
are no longer seen as tracking their targets on the client(s).
* Error messages for being kicked out of a game, for being banned from a game,
or for using a Product Identification number that is already in use (only
applies when using MechWarrior 4: 'Mech Pak products) are now correct.
* Corrected the problem where you would occasionally not respawn in No Respawn
games if you used Ctrl-Z to eject.
* A host can now kick and/or ban users from a server using "connection ID"
rather than user name. The following three new commands have been added to
server chat.
Command Action
-lc Lists all the connection numbers along with MP names.
-kc Kicks by connection number.
-bc Bans by connection number.
* Server lock now functions correctly on Win32 dedicated servers.
* 'Mech animations in the "Target Selection" box are now present all the time.
(Previously, they sometimes didn't appear.)
* The spectator camera now shows the name of the player it is currently
displaying. Previously the camera would sometimes show the name of the winning
player even if that player's 'Mech had been destroyed.
* ZoneStats logs now upload correctly when using a Win32 dedicated server.
* ZoneStats logs generated locally (on your computer) now correctly record bot
weapon use.
* In multiplayer, a chat message now indicates when a player is destroyed by a
* The new command line "-cycle " (in both the NFM
Editor and the game) makes it possible to host multiple servers on one computer
using different server cycle lists.
* When using the MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries Editor, you can now create
user-made MissionPlay maps that will not cause the error "Can't find
Stock_MissionPlay.abl". There is a new file "objectives.abl" located in
\Content\ABLScripts\StockScripts. Attach this file to something a player has no
chance of killing (for example, attach them to buildings and put them out of
sight of the player). If objectives.abl isn't attached to something, then
mission objectives will never be displayed.
* The "RespawnLimitNumber" flag doesn't have any effect now and has been
removed from the NFM Editor, and a new "RespawnWaveNumber" flag has been added
to the .nfm files. The default for "RespawnWaveNumber" is 0.
The numerical values for RespawnWaveNumber are -
0 specifies unlimited waves,
1-9 specifies 1-9 numbers of waves
(anything else will be discarded)

C. Troubleshooting Error Messages During Patch Installation

The following error messages may appear when you install MechWarrior 4:
Mercenaries PR1.

0001: Illegal Input Option '
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