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Micro Flight 3.5 Demo
Ilan Papini
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Micro Flight 3.5 has now a space and low earth orbit cabability and included the exact model of shuttle Columbia that exploded on reentry on 1/2/2003.

About Micro Flight

Micro Flight is a state of the art flight simulator specializing in simulating ultralight flying vehicles and micro meteorological conditions.
Unlike other flight simulators, Micro Flight simulates the intricate flow of air over the ground and the effects of thermals created by the sun, making it ideal for simulating gliders of all types.

Micro Flight also simulates types of vehicles not simulated by other general aviation programs, such as: Hanggliders, Paragliders, Gyroplanes, Helicopters, Trikes, Balloons and more.

Flight instrumentation and navigational aids were made to resemble real ones, this includes the hand held GPS, standard flight instruments, head up display and more.

The whole enviroment which the user interacts with is three dimentional, even operating the instruments in the cockpit is made by manipulating them with the mouse and not just by pressing keys.

The terrain model used is detailed and optimized, giving the terrain a photorealistic look while still maintaing a high frame rate during run.

The program supports a wide variety of scenery formats, and can import aerial photography and USGS digital elevation data directly.

The program includes flight recording and anaylis, giving the user the ability to study the flight in detail and export it's path in digital form for any purpose.

The program has netplay mode which enables users to fly and communicate with each other.

All this and more make the program a unique and valueable tool for flight simulation

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