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Description: BF1942 - Carentan

A small city map that supports conquest, ctf and tdm.

Thanks for downloading Carentan!
this is not a mod! it is a single map RFA
which can be thrown into the mix with every
other bf map compatible with both bf and rtr
Created by: Derek Mongovius (Devius)
email: [email protected]
loosly based on the carentan episode from band of brothers.
i really like the tight city maps like berlin and stalingrad
and the infantry squad based battles
but wanted more from it. so i made a small city map.
-Carentan Readme
-extract files from zip and drop the Carentan.RFA
into your levels folder....

ie) ....battlefield1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels

-go to that same place and delete Carentan.RFA
-you can go in all the buildings
-infantry based map-no vehicles
-US vs German troops
-supports conquest(headon), TDM and CTF
-sorry, no co-op -perhaps in a future release
-5 flags to capture plus the 2 main bases(non capturable)
-2 flags are located on top of buildings accessed by hopping
out the top floor window of a building and crossing the roof
of a house and then up a ladder
-ample stationary mg's placed at each flag 'base'
-many shortcuts and different routes around the city
-symmetrical design for balance purposes
-none yet :) email me if you find something
-i spent endless hours roaming about, i guarantee
you wont find a single floating object, nothin!
-attention to all the small details, like when
you man a stationary mg, your guy wont
spent hours putting crates under them all.
-mr perfect
-and anyone over at the forums
(or anyone i didnt mention)
you guys all rule and are a fountain of knowledge!
this map (or any other for that matter), would not
have been possible without all your amazing tools,
utilities, tutorials etc. thank you

oh and special thanks to my cousin and fellow clan member
=[NASF]=Crazy Cook for helping me test it out a million rule!
-im gonna give directions to the roof flags because my
tester found it difficult to find...bah! what a loser.
when you first spawn (us or german) walk straight down
the road in front of your base towards the crates.
to your right you will see the building used on the
stalingrad map- proceed to the top floor and hop out
the back window. walk across the roof and then up the

-the statue in town square is infact...a control point! yup
thats right, a control wont see the flag cause its
hidden inside the statue..same with the 2 houses (east and west)
the flags are sticking out of the roof but are capturable
from the inside. i thought it to be more realistic that way.
yknow like a house with a flag on

-when navigating on the roof and hopping out of windows
or off of roofs be sure to use the WALK key...shift by default
this will save you from getting injured by the
"im a hardened soldier but cant jump 5 feet" bug. you should
already be in the habit of using it anyways.
-3ds max
-rexman's 3ds max script
-prezident's mesh libraries
-madbull's heightmap editor
-chimera's object placer
-rexman's TGA splitter
- 's RFA extracor(sorry not sure who made it)
- 's Gmake RFA (dont know either, but what a sweet deal!)
-adobe photoshop
-dds plug ins for photoshop and 3ds max
-notpad :)
-and probably some other stuff too, basically you need a million
tools, plugins and utilities to create a custom map for bf1942
-oh and where would i be without socketman's amazing tutorial on mapping forums.....still drueling on my keyboard
thats where! ;)
Thanks to Dice for creating such an amazing game...i mean i havnt missed
a day of playing it since the singleplayer demo came out in the
summer. its like crack....but better!
bal blah bla blah blah blah ....... oh! as if youre still reading
the stupid read me....go and play the only took a million hours
to make................

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