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UTPG Patch v451 [Windows]
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Description: UTPG Patch v451 [Windows]

The UTPG is an effort to continue the improvement of Unreal Tournament outside of official sources but with Epic's approval. This is for server and clients.

What is UTPG?

We are a group of programmers and server admins from the UT community who got together and approached Epic about the possibility of maintaining the Unreal Tournament code base. Since our goal of maintaining the game and fixing obvious problems, while keeping all the major game-play systems 100% intact, were right along with Epic's goals, Epic granted us access to the source which allows us to undertake this project. Our focus is general maintenance with some of our time spent dealing with security issues in the Unreal Tournament engine. Sounds like a swell idea!

Version 451 is completely network compatible with all previous public releases of UT.
Server requires clients to be at least version 432.

WebAdmin fixed, linux server should have a working webadmin again

Package code execution exploit fixed

LogMaxConnPerIPPerMin defaults to false

IRC chat client fixes

\n bug fixed

long lines are wrapped

wrapped lines are indented for better readability

Added protection against brute forcing the admin login:

LoginDelaySeconds=0.0 Number of seconds after an incorrect login before login is allowed again.
MaxLoginAttempts=0 Maximum number of login attempts before an action is taken
ActionToTake= What to do when the maximum number of login attempts has been reached

Values for ActionToTake:
DO_Log Will log the player's name, IP, and number of attempted logins to server's log
DO_DisableLogin Player will be unable to perform adminlogin for remainder of match
DO_KickPlayer Player will be kicked from server
DO_KickBanPlayer Player will be banned from the server

ex: ActionToTake=DO_DisableLogin

Added a caching system to the webadmin to reduce the impact on the running game
Added -logprefix option to `ucc`. Enabled preflush log prefixes
Extended IP ban list to allow 256 entires
Fixed several bugs which allowed malicious clients to lag the server
Clamped DefaultFow to values between 80 ~ 130
Added bLogAdminActions to [Engine.GameInfo] - provides information about kick/bans/logins
Fixed chat messages not appearing when game is paused
Limit in-game name changes to 10 per map
Fixed player details server query response
Fixed mutators not appearing in server browser
Added additional console commands for admins - kicklist, kickid, and kickbanid
Added current map name to all pages in "Current" section of webadmin
Added time remaining to pages in "Current" section of webadmin for timed matches
Fixed LoginSeconds display in web admin to only show max number of allowed characters in textbox
Added 'AdminAction' prefix to all log entries written by admin actions
Improved the console functions 'get' and 'set' to allow editing of array config variables
Usage: to get an value of an array item use the following command:

get Engine.GameInfo IPPolicies #
Where # is the number starting from 0, if you omit the number the first element is returned

set Engine.GameInfo IPPolicies # new value
Where # is the number starting from 0, you must specify the number
Items in the open location box are moved up in the list when reused
Fixed the scroll whell when using Logitec drivers (EM_EXEC)
The download percentage for compressed redirects is displayed correctly now (the real percentage)
Fixed spaces in redirected package names (note: you should NOT use spaces in package names)
Fixed incorrect F6 details
Added IRC half-ops support
Netspeed command is limited to once every 15 seconds (as with UT2003)
Fixed server lag exploit from chatting. Added a config variable "bLogTypingEvents" to the Engine.StatLog class. If the server does not wish to be vulnerable to this exploit, setting this variable to false will cause the resulting ngStats logs (both world and local) to not record player chatting events.
Fixed lag exploit possible through replication statement error
Fixed lag exploit with ShowInventory command
Fixed lag exploit in the ShowPath command, only admins can use this command
Server lag exploit possible from viewing players fixed
Added refering game server to HTTP redirect request with the form: Referer: server-IP:port
Merged Daniel Vogel's OpenGL driver with the source
Added a new config option to set the minimal client version

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