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Stronghold: Crusaders v1.1 Patch
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Description: Stronghold: Crusaders v1.1 Patch

Update your retail version of Stronghold: Crusaders to v1.1. The patch includes a number of features and buf fixes. Read more information for details.

New Features

- When a player or AI player is killed, a Statue is shown for the dead Lord.
- Low walls now cost half the amount of normal walls. But when deleting low walls you will not receive any stone back.
- You can click on the Stockpile & Armory to trade.
- The War dogs are now automatically controlled.
- The date has been added for Skirmish & Multiplayer games on the final stats screen.

Issues Addressed

- Troops now walk from the Mercenary post and Barracks towards the form up points (1 to 7) at the correct speed.
- The build radius has been fixed for drawbridges. You can place them on gatehouses, which are on the edge of the build radius.
- You can now build walls on quarry stone.
- An occasional problem with the hunters not hunting deer has been fixed.
- A voice over has been added to the mission based text 'a fire has broken out.'
- A multiplayer text problem, which only occurred with the host machine, has been fixed. If the host changed the option to ‘no rush’ the typed text wasn’t displayed on the host’s screen.
- A bug allowing stone to become unlimited has been fixed. This occurred when using the market, when trying to sell all the stone and the amount of stone didn’t reach 0.
- A problem with the AI being able to put out engineers with pots of oil even though ‘no rush’ was on has been fixed.
- A problem with AI slaves, digging moats for different players was fixed.
- A problem was fixed for multiplayer, which allowed a user to place a number of ballistae on one tower during a multiplayer game.
- A problem with troops sometimes getting stuck at the signpost has been fixed.

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