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Boogies CS Script Pack v1.3b

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File Info: Boogies CS Script Pack v1.3b

Boogies CS Script Pack v1.3b
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Half-Life: Counter-Strike
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Description: Boogies CS Script Pack v1.3b

Boogieman's Custom Controls for any version of CSCounter-Strike.

Boogieman's Custom Controls for Counter-Strike version 1.3.
Boogieman's Custom Controls for Counter-Strike version 1.3b. With Fixed console color, and fixed load/unload.
----------------------------"The Edge"-----------------------------
Used with CS 1.5 this script should work with any version of counter-strike.

This is simply a collection of scripts that give you a bit of an advantage in counter-strike. It is not an actuall hack therefore cannot be detected by HLGuard and the such. Its a advanced button configuration.

Fully customizable. And easy to set-up/use.

I've been studing dozens of CS scripts over the last year and writen a set of useful scripts that really come in handy in CS. No hacks, just a really nice control setup that gives players a bit of an edge.

------Here are some of the features I've added to my scriptpack-------
Mousewill automatically selects weapons when turned
One button buys Ammo, Secondary ammo, armor, grenade, flash, and
A defuser if your a CT. (In that order, if funds are available).
If cheats are turned on by server then the buy menu gives max money
every time the buy menu is opened.
A button to change crosshair color
A button to change console color
Burst fire On/Off
Quick grenade
Enemydown radio command w/spray
Coverme radio command w/flashlight
Stop sound script (useful on Italy with that damned radio
Radio Cycler Script (alternate radio menus with one button instead of 3.
Record Demo on/off (used to record those pricless moments in CS to
show your friends.)
Etc. And more!

Email me for help, questions, or tech support:
[email protected]

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