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Carnage Club Xtreme
Also known as:
C&C Renegade, Command and Conquer: Renegade
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Description: Carnage Club Xtreme

Lots of Glass to break Re-creation of an Actual Night Club in South Florida.

Website:Command and Conquer Net Center

Unzip to your renegade\Data folder and host a game or look for a server running the map "C&C_Carnage_Club_Xtreme.mix".


Map features: Lots of Glass to break
Re-creation of an Actual Night Club in South Florida
Infantry Only, Carnage rules in effect(see below)
Use the Vending Machines for purchase terminals
Kills equals Cash, there's no refinery
Character prices drastically reduced
Lots of shadowy corners to creep around in
Tons of powerups

Carnage Official Rules of engagement:

Start money: 0
Weapon spawns: on
Play for kills, not score

All constructive criticism is welcome. I can't improve my skills without feedback.

Contact me at [email protected]

Thanks to all who helped me at the renegade mod forum. I'm sure there may a bug or two that I've missed. Just remember it's better to report a bug than to exploit it.

Thanks to:Eqvaliser, for the tutorials ->
Justin Pereira, for the advanced editor tutorial ->
f22raptor for hosting all my creations.
Huge thanks to YSL Muffins for the windows tutorial
Shaderlab for the Concrete textures ->

Some of the textures used in this map are © Copyright 2000 and Scott Braut, and are used by permission only. Anyone wishing to use these textures in a map, skin, 3D project or level design must obtain them from and use this credit. These Textures are not to be modified or distributed individually in any form unless part of this project. Anyone wishing to use these textures in a commercial project may obtain permission through Texture Universe.

Music by Stevie D

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