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Mynx Sound Pack
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Quake 3: Arena
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You like the mynx model but tired of the standard sounds and weak taunt.You will get a taste of UnrealTournament sounds as well as comic sexy death so try it!

ROODOG is happy to bring you a sound pak for mynx that brings you a taste of UnrealTournament as well as some comic death sounds.Now instead of her usual taunt you will have one that is much cooler and those of you who have ever played UT will know immediately.Tell your mates about the pak if you like it and if playing them online they will hear what you hear.I like to think it breathes a bit of fresh air into the mynx model and I for one am leaving it in my baseq3 as it rocks in my humble opinion.Hope it rocks for you and if not just delete it...i have a feeling you won't.See ya on the Australian servers where i play as ROODOG.

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