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C&C Generals Multiplayer Sneak Peek - CLOSED
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Description: C&C Generals Multiplayer Sneak Peek - CLOSED

UPDATE: The Multiplayer Sneak Peek of C&C Generals is now CLOSED. We hope you enjoyed this preview of Command & Conquer (TM) Generals.

Your friends at FilePlanet and Electronic Arts have teamed up to bring you an Exclusive Sneak Peek of Command & Conquer (TM) Generals.


The Sneak Peek was the Multiplayer Test created in November 2002, so it not optimized and does not reflect the final retail product. To run the Sneak Peak, you MUST meet the following requirements:
- 2 Gigahertz CPU minimum
- 512 MB RAM minimum
- GeForce4, or more recent Direct3D-capable video card
- A current FilePlanet Subscription

These system requirements do not reflect the final system requirements for the retail game, but will be necessary to operate the Sneak Peek since it is using unoptimized code. Enjoy the Sneak Peak, but remember that there will be no support from FilePlanet, GameSpy, EA Games, or EA Pacific.

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Generals Intelligence Agency

Top Secret


Stand by for transmission........Transmission received:
Welcome General!

We have issued you the following battlefield instruction manual to help train you for your upcoming mission. Please read completely through the entire document before joining the battle.

The Command & Conquer Generals Multiplayer Sneak Peek is based on the Multiplayer Beta from November 2002. The Sneak Peek is not representative of the final retail version of C&C Generals since it does not contain the additional optimization and polish of the final game. Since it has not been optimized, it is required that you only install the Sneak Peek if your computer has a minimum of a 2 Gigahertz CPU, 512 MB of ram, and a GeForce4 or more recent Direct3D-capable video card.

To begin the installation of the C&C Generals Sneak Peek, Double Click on the file generalspreview.exe. Once installation has completed you will be prompted to install Direct X 8.1. If the version of Direct X you are running is not version 8.1 or better, click "Yes" to install it. Windows XP users will have Direct X 8.1 by default. If you're not sure which version of Direct X you have go to "Start", then "Run" and type "dxdiag". The following screen will display the version you currently have installed. When running Generals on Windows XP or Windows 2000 your user profile must have administrative rights.

Please be aware that during the installation of the software necessary to participate in the C&C Generals Sneak Peek you will be prompted to accept the End Users License Agreement and Non-Disclosure Agreement. As in all mission briefing data, please make sure you read it carefully to fully understand the terms contained within before continuing installation. If you do not agree to the terms, cancel the installation and immediately delete the downloaded file. In the past, operations have been compromised when sensitive information fell into the hands of unauthorized civilians before our objective was met, so to avoid this make sure you follow these precautions:

• Do not post information, files, data or reconnaissance photos on the main Generals forums or any other websites/forums (unless instructed to do so by the upper brass)
• Do not share any of the program files or support documentation with anyone. If this information gets into the wrong hands the whole operation could be compromised.

Failure to abide by these rules of engagement will force us to strip you of your rank and dishonorably discharge you from the program.

--------Entering the Battlefield--------

NOTE: The documentation for the C&C Generals Sneak Peek is based on the documentation from the original Multiplayer Test and may contain references to items that are no longer available in the C&C Generals Sneak Peek.

After launching the game click on "Multiplayer", then click "Online". You will briefly see a screen that will automatically check for any updates. At the following screen enter your e-mail address, nickname (code name other operatives will see you as) and a password of your choice. Click on "Remember My Info" to save your settings, then click "Create Account". You will then be prompted to choose your location at the "Select Your Locale" window.

At the "Generals Online Welcome" screen you will see the "QuickMatch" and "Custom Match" multiplayer setup buttons. The "My Persona" button will show your player stats once you’ve participated in a battle.

QuickMatch – This feature is not available for the Generals Multiplayer Test but will offer the quickest and easiest way to get into a game when Generals is released.

Custom Match – While not as fast as "QuickMatch", this option allows you more flexibility in finding and selecting opponents. Here you can view games waiting to start and view information about each game. You can also view operatives waiting in the lobby in the window on the right. You can communicate with all operatives in the lobby by typing in the box at the bottom of the screen and pressing "Enter". When communicating with all operatives in the lobby the text appears "red" in the communications window. You can communicate with a specific operative by clicking on their name in the lobby window first and then typing your message as usual. When communicating with a specific operative the text will appear "blue" in the communications window.

The "Name" and "Connection" buttons will display games alphabetically or by connection speed (ping). Clicking on either "Create Game" or "Join Game" will bring you to the arbitration screen. If you’re hosting the game you can choose a map at this screen. All participants choose their color, army and team (if any) at this screen. The host clicks "Start Game" to begin. All other players click "Accept" to begin.

*When creating a game a dialog box will appear that allows you to name your game and password protect it.

Sandbox Mode – This mode allows you to play on a multiplayer map without opponents. This will help you get familiar with the maps and try out the various structures and units of your chosen army. Holding down the "Ctrl" key and left clicking with a unit selected will allow you to fire their weapons with out actually having an enemy to fire at (see the "Keyboard Command Shortcuts" section). Create a game in the same manner as a "Custom Match" multiplayer game. When clicking "Create Game" enter a password in the dialog box that appears to prevent other opponents from entering. When you get to the arbitration screen (the screen that appears after clicking "Create Game") choose your color, army and map. Make sure there are no other opponents in the remaining slots. Click "Start Game" to begin.

--------The Armies--------

There are three armies or sides that you can play as. USA, GLA and China. Each army has it's own strengths and weaknesses. It's up to you to discover what they are and use them to your advantage.

--------Viewing the Battlefield--------

Moving your mouse cursor to the edge of the screen will allow you to scroll around the battlefield. The mouse cursor will change to a directional arrow to indicate the direction you are scrolling in. Holding down the right mouse button while moving your mouse will allow you to do a "fast" scroll. There is no need to move your cursor to the edge of the screen when performing a "fast" scroll. You can also use the mouse wheel to zoom the camera in and out. Double clicking the mouse wheel button will return the camera to it's default position.

You can also jump to any section of the battlefield by left or right clicking on your radar map located on the left side of the control panel. Note that only the US army starts the game with functioning radar.

--------Starting your Base--------

In a multiplayer game you will always start with a Command Center and a Construction Dozer (or in the case of the GLA, a worker). With this unit you can start construction of your base. Certain structures are dependent on others. You will only be able to build certain structures at first with others becoming available when the prerequisite structure is completed.

To build a structure left click on your Dozer (or Worker) and select a structure from the control panel at the bottom of the screen. Move the structure foundation around the map until you reach the location you want to build on. Left click again to place it and commence construction. A structure foundation that turns "red" means that the terrain you are trying to build on is not suitable. Change your location until the "red" disappears.

If for some reason you wish to cancel building a structure before it's completed, click on the structure and it's progress status will be displayed in the control panel. Click the "Cancel Build" button to cancel construction. The full cost of the structure will be refunded to you. You can also sell a completed structure when it is selected by clicking the "Sell" button in the control panel. You will receive half it's construction cost.

--------Acquiring Generals Skills--------

When you start a new game you will be awarded a free skill point which can be used to select a Generals specific skill. Skills are special abilities like Unit Upgrades and Super Weapons. Click the Generals "Star" button in the control panel to view the currently available skills. Click the cameo of the skill you would like to gain. As you destroy enemies you earn points that help you rise in rank. As you go up in rank more skills will be available for you to select from. The Generals "Star" button will flash when a new skill becomes available.

--------Unit Construction and Upgrades--------

Building vehicles, training infantry and certain upgrades are done at the appropriate structure. Click on a structure to see units and upgrades that are available for construction. Click on the appropriate cameo in the control panel to commence building.

Each unit you build will display itself in the building queue on the right side of the control panel. Each unit in the queue has a shaded clock over it that counts down as the unit is being built. When a unit is completed it will be removed from the queue and the next unit will commence building. Clicking on a unit in the building queue before it is completed will cancel construction and you will be refunded it's total cost. Some units have their own special abilities or upgrades which can be viewed in the control panel when they are clicked on.

All three armies train infantry units at the Barracks. USA and China build vehicles (Tanks, etc.) at the War Factory. The GLA obtain their mobile firepower from the Arms Dealer. USA and China both build their aircraft at the Air Field. GLA do not have the advantage of aircraft but have other abilities exclusive to them.

--------Financing the War--------

As the player collects resources the money counter increases. A Supply Center structure (Supply Stash for GLA) is required for resource collecting. These structures come equipped with a resource collecting unit when built. Resources are collected from Supply Warehouses, Piles or Docks located on the battlefield and cannot be replenished when they are depleted, nor can new ones be built. As the player spends money the counter decreases. Players cannot build new units or structures without the appropriate amount of money. The cost of a unit or structure is deducted from the player’s total when it is placed in the queue.

--------Commanding your Troops--------

Left Clicking on a single unit will give you control of it. Move the cursor to the desired location and click on the ground. The unit will now move to that location. Left clicking on another unit (or structure) will automatically release control of the prior selection. Right clicking will also release control of a unit (or structure).

To select multiple units click the left mouse button and hold it down while dragging it across the screen. Any units that are within the selection box will be under your control once you release the left mouse button. Again, move the cursor to the desired location and click on the ground. Your troops will now move to that location.

You can also move selected units to any location on the battlefield by left clicking on your radar map located on the left side of the control panel. The selected units will move to that location without changing your view. Right clicking on the radar map with a unit(s) selected will move your view to that location without moving the unit(s).

--------Creating a Squad--------

Select multiple units as described above and then hold down the Ctrl key + "any number key". You can re-select the squad you created by tapping just the number key that you assigned. Tapping the number key once will select that squad. Double tapping the number key will select and zoom your view to that squad.

--------Issuing an Attack Order--------

Select a unit or units and place the cursor on an enemy unit or structure. Your cursor will change to attack mode. Left click on the unit or structure to commence the attack.

--------Unit and Structure Health Status--------

Placing your mouse cursor over a unit or structure (player owned, friendly, enemy or neutral) will display how much health it has left. When this bar runs out the unit or structure will be destroyed. The only exceptions to this rule are the supply warehouses which only become disabled when their health bar runs out. They cannot be used again until they are repaired.

--------Repairing a Unit or Structure--------

You can repair a unit by sending it back to the structure it was created at. Infantry can be repaired by sending them back to the Barracks and vehicles can be repaired by sending them back to the War Factory (Arms Dealer for GLA). Click on a unit that you wish to repair. Place your mouse cursor over the appropriate structure and it will display an "entry" icon. Click on the structure to begin the repair process.

Structures are repaired by the unit that created it. USA and China use the Construction Dozer for repairs and the GLA use the Worker. Click the Dozer (or Worker) and place the mouse cursor over the structure you wish to repair. The cursor will display a "repair" icon. Click on the structure to begin the repair process.

In both cases this is more cost effective than building a replacement unit or structure.

--------Establishing Communications--------

During battle you can communicate with all players or just your allies (when playing with teams) if you like. To send a message to everyone tap the "Enter" key and a dialog box will appear for you to type a message in. Type your message and tap The "Enter" key again to send it.

To send a message to allies only, tap the "Backspace" key. Type your message and tap "Enter" to send it.

--------Keyboard Command Shortcuts--------

Ctrl Hold down for force-attack mode
A Toggles attack-move mode on/off
Space View last radar event (not implemented for most radar events)
G Instruct selected units to guard
H Select command center
Left Select previous unit
Right Select next unit
Up Select next dozer/worker
Down Select previous dozer/worker
Q Select all offensive units on map
S Stop selected units
X Scatter selected units
E* Select matching units on screen
EE Select matching units on map
Backspace Chat with allies
Enter Chat with everyone
ESC Options menu
H Jump to Command Center
Ctrl + Set Camera Bookmark
Jump to camera bookmark
F9 Toggle control panel on/off
Ctrl + Number Key Define the selected units as a group
Number Key Select previously defined group
Double Tap Number Key Jump to previously defined group of units
Alt + Number Key View (but do not select) previously defined group of units
Shift + Left click Add a unit to a selected group
Ctrl + C Selected units cheer (not implemented for MP Test)
Alt Hold down to set waypoint paths for units (not implemented for MP Test)
*This can also be accomplished by double left clicking on a unit.

--------Minimum Requirements for Enlistment--------

OS- Windows 98/2000/ME/XP
Processor - 2.0 Gigahertz or Faster CPU
Memory - 512 MB RAM
Hard Drive - 1.8 GB
Graphics – GeForce4 of more recent Direct3D-Capable Video Card
3D Accelerator - Direct3D* (Required)
DirectX - Version 8.1
Network - TCP/IP compliant (2-8 Players)
Internet - 56.6Kbps (2-4 Players)
Internet - Broadband (5-8 Players)
Input - Keyboard, Mouse

--------Known Issues--------

• Single port D-Link® NAT/Firewall devices are incompatible with the Generals Multiplayer Test.
• Generals will not run when installed to the root of your hard drive such as C:, D:, etc. You must install to a path that includes a minimum of one folder. Example: C:\Command & Conquer Generals MP Test.
--------Trouble Shooting--------
The C&C Generals Sneak Peek is unsupported software. There will be NO customer service or support for this release from GameSpy Industries, Electronic Arts, EA Pacific, or Westwood Studios.

Most problems running the game can be solved by confirming that you are running DirectX 8.1 and updating your video card drivers. Here are links for the items above:

- DirectX 8.1 (http://www.microsoft.com/windows/directx/downloads/default.asp)

Welcome to Command & Conquer Generals, see you on the battlefield!

- Commanding General, GIA
Generals Multiplayer Test Program

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