D-Day: Normandy v4.1 Standalone

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File Info: D-Day: Normandy v4.1 Standalone

D-Day: Normandy v4.1 Standalone
D-Day: Normandy Team
Also known as:
Quake 2
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Description: D-Day: Normandy v4.1 Standalone

This is the FULL version D-Day that does not require Quake2 to play. Includes the source and game files so just install and go!


Class based tactical teamplay combat
Locational damage - head, chest, stomache, and legs
True-Sight - pulls gun up to center of screen to let you aim down the sights for improved accuracy
Ability to go prone and crawl around
Jump stamina
Class limits
Officers can call in an airstrike to clear out enemies
You can drop any weapon and ammo and pick up weapons off the ground
Voice shouts
Objective system
Players bleed and limp
Inventory weight system
No individual scores, kills go to team score
5 maps included in the full install and tons of community made maps
High res skins and immersive sound effects
Immersive details such as, helmet deflections, guns bieng shot out of hands, brains flying out of headshots, bloodsprays, and dud grenades
Fast action, an active community, fast loading levels, all of this for FREE!

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