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The Best of Squaresoft
Tornado Studios
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FFVII, Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy VII
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Description: The Best of Squaresoft

Music video of Final Fantasies 7 and 9 plus Chrono Cross set to the Gundam Seed ending theme.

The second AMV I've produced, this video was a monster in the making. I only had the room to cover about three games in this video, so I wanted to pick the very best that Squaresoft ever released for the PSX. These three games made the final cut, far above wastes of time like Final Fantasy 8 or the Anthology (the three measily FMVs made me feel a bit gypped since I own the original SNES version).

I wasn't going for lyric translation matching at ALL in this video. It's built on pure emotion and sound which I think makes for something fresh. Also be warned that I did use the infamous Serge FMV from Chrono Cross (anyone playing the game knows what I mean), so there is brief nudity in this video. Also, the DivX codec is required for viewing. You can download it at

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The Bishounen Stalker, Tornado Studios

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