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[AoS]Albatros /Til Sichel
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Description: DoD-Winternacht

This is the very promising map DoD_Winternacht by [AoS]Albatros for DoD.

The map had a very big lighting error which made it virtualy unplayable. The current version is fixed and works perfectly.


This is the first release version of my map, DoD_Winternacht_b1

Just copy the folders into the existing ones, but if you want to install all the files manually:

Installation path for the .bsp file: halflife/dod/maps

Installation path for the .wav files: halflife/dod/sound/mapsounds

Installation path for the .cfg file: halflife/valve

There are still lots of problems in it, but I'm working on them as you read this.


Textures are made by me, some are from kamikazi and the dod_avalanche .wad;
trees are from Tolchok, the Half Track model is made by H&K and Panzergrenadier.
The dead Axis Unteroffizier comes from Festung.

Big Thanks to [AoS]DreadBiter for many outstanding ideas - though i have to add most of them
yet, for some stuff has prooved to be really hard to map. I'll keep on trying though!!! =)

Big Thanks too for [AoS]KaisRusher/Ali3n, who made the area at the cinema work properly and helped
me a lot in getting my r_speeds under control. :)

Also thanks to [AoS]Cobra and the other [AoS] for their betatesting help, [AoS]HunterKiller for his work on an upcoming truck prefab
and to [KGB]InvisibleKiller for excessive testing and the somewhat crazy idea
of climbable Ivy - i like it though. :D

I hope that was all the ® and © stuff; if I've forgotten to mention anybody,
oh well, please don't bite my head off. :P



ICQ: 112436252

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