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Dark Ages Client v7.03

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Dark Ages Client v7.03
Kru, Inc.
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Description: Dark Ages Client v7.03

This is a client upgrade, version 7.03, for the game Dark Ages by Kru, Inc. The upgrade is released on Monday, October 31st. It is the full client download, no other files needed to play.

Dark Ages is a rich, two-dimensional massively multiplayer role-playing game in which you will find diverse hunting areas, multiple character builds and classes, player-run political and religious systems, and much, much more.

Quietly, you stalk through the undergrowth of the lush green of the Shinewood Forest, hunting your prey. Your skills as a Ranger are honed to a steely finish, ready to take on any danger. Even so, you are not alone -- and glad for that. Off to your right, your hunting companions stop in the shadows, tensed. You soon see why. The bushes explode in a fury, a snarling kobold coming right for you like an arrow shot from a crossbow.

That is a taste of what it's like to experience Dark Ages.

Dark Ages is an online role-playing game set in a fantasy world of faeries and magic. Dark Ages allows you the player to create your own characters choosing their name, gender, hairstyle, hair color, and path. You can battle monsters as a mighty Warrior, protect and heal as a Priest, use powerful magic as a Wizard, use the devious skills of a Rogue, or discover virtue and

power with martial arts as a Monk. Once immersed in the world of Dark Ages, you can partake on quests, discover new lands, defeat powerful monsters, collect rare items and much more.

Dark Ages has a deeply developed community with History, Lore, Philosophy, Literature, and Art all done by creative players like you. You can also become involved in the intricate political and religious system that allows players to interact at a level different from any other game. Players can be involved in one of the deepest online worlds ever created, with faires, markets, theatre, storytelling, contests, an online college and library, interactive politics, religions, rituals, ceremonies and more!

At its heart, Dark Ages offers an experience of adventure and fantasy with an evolving.

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