A Trainer for Black And White

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A Trainer for Black And White
Matt M.
Also known as:
Black and White
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Description: A Trainer for Black And White

Allows infinte manna, your creature can become invincible, infinte pickup, creature learns fast, followers don't eat, imortal villagers

J - Infinite Mana
Unfortunately, the game is coded
such that the enemy get's it as
well as you. There are ways to
get around this as I normally do
but the game is weird with its
storage of pages and has no room
for new code without getting
funky. So turn this off as soon
as you don't need it.
U - Infinite Pickup
Any pile is now an unlimited one
turn this on, pick up a huge amt
turn it off and drop. The comp
does not get to use this. Do not
pickup from your main store or
any building. Just drop a pile
on the ground somewhere and pick
up. This is not infinite for
followers just for with your hand
O - Creature Learn Fast
Click this on and your creature
will learn spells extremely fast
sometimes on one try, most by
the third go.
I - Followers Do Not Eat
I hate brining food to my temple
I'll assume some of you do too
both you and the comp get to use
this one but it never catches on
so you can forget about your
temple. They still die due to
lack of sleep. So don't set it
too high for too long.
Y - Super Creature
No more feeding, finding a place
to poop, sleeping or getting a
drink. Never get's fat, looses
strength, looses energy.
H - Invincible Units
All units are made immortal.
Use if your town is under attack
or your creature is being blasted
also prevents healing. Very
intresting things can be done
with this offensivly.

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