Empire Earth v2.0 Add-On Patch (French)

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File Info: Empire Earth v2.0 Add-On Patch (French)

Empire Earth v2.0 Add-On Patch (French)
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Empire Earth 2
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Description: Empire Earth v2.0 Add-On Patch (French)

This is the v2.0 difficulty setting and multiplayer lobby add-on for the popular real-time strategy title, Empire Earth for the French retail version.

The all-new multiplayer interface includes the following capabilities:

Quick Play
Based on the user's selected skill level, the user is joined to an existing game if possible or prompted to host a game if none are available.
Scalable Game List and Chat
Within the lobby, the user may scale the screen real estate used for chat and the game listings or even eliminate chat/game list from the display.
Improved Game Listings
Available games can be sorted and filtered by any column. Available columns include: entry restriction, skill level, name, number of players, ping, and more. Games may be queried for extended details as well. The improved game list is available within the Sierra lobbies, local area network (LAN), and direct connections.
Improved User List
Each user may be right clicked upon for available actions. Troublesome users may be ignored by name or blocked by CDKey (changing names won't help).
Friends List
Users may add and remove their buddies to their friends list as well as locate their friends online in the Sierra lobbies
User-Created Chat Rooms
Users may create and moderate their own chat rooms.
Additional Game Entry Restrictions
In addition to password restriction, games may also be restricted to invite only (captain must invite other users into the game) or ask to join (captain must accept or reject any attempts to join).
Improved Staging Area
Includes areas for game chat, team chat, and lobby chat. Captain may moderate the chat in the staging area.
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