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Fung Wan Online Beta
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FungWan Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game adaptation of the classic comic book series by renowned artist Mah Wing Shing. Set against the mythical backdrop of ancient China, players get to explore the sprawling vast lands of the game world. Being one of its kind in the region, FungWan Online paves a way for an engaging gameplay that is seamlessly amalgamated in a detailed, fully 3-dimensional environment with breath taking and spectacularly mesmerizing animations.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you Sign Up for the Fung Wan Online beta. You have to sign up to get a key.

Currently in its fourth character wipe, the thriving online community of FungWan Online are still coming back for more, not only attracted to its rich, engaging storyline, but also to its unique multiplayer Clan and character partying system. Five dominating clans are birthed of the five weapon stances, the sword, the saber, the staff, the bow and unarm. Prior to that in which by pledging allegiance to a clan or aligning oneself with one the many guilds in the game, the player's character will reap a vast array of benefits. Quirky characters such as the heroes Wind and Cloud that you'll meet along the way narrate and provide answers to the unfolding storyline. Players are now able to embark on clan to clan rivalries, clan to guild rivalries or guild to guild rivalries which will then lead up to the inevitable catastrophic war in an endless tussle and struggle for fame and power.

The elusive status and title of becoming the most powerful clan embeds in the minds of the leaders as they mastermind strategies and articulated plans to crush, kill and destroy anything which comes in their path towards their destiny.

Every aspect of the game - from its characters right down to its items and gameplay are lavishly soaked in the Chinese culture in which it was based upon. FungWan Online blurs the barriers of language as both Chinese as well as English based gamers are brought together in a world of familiar role play gaming that paths a way and allow players from the West to marvel at the wonders of the East.

The latest feature unleashed upon the gamers to extensively boost FungWan Online's gameplay is its War Event and Hero system. In War Events, major clans in the game can declare massive 'Total State of War' on other clans. When a player performs well in a War Event for his clan, the character will be amply rewarded with points which in turn can be used to obtain special items or abilities in the game and aid towards in his progression through the game.

Phoenix Game Studios are extending their offer for players to participate in the ongoing beta test of FungWan Online. With the support and feedback from the testers, Phoenix Games Studios hopes to have its hiccups ironed out before going gold and to provide an unforgettable pleasurable experience for the players.

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