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Hitman 2 St. Petersburg Demo
Eidos Interactive
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This is the second Hitman 2: Silent Assassin demo which lets you play the "Invitation to a party" level. Your objective: Take out the General at all costs.

You're back. Are you prepared? The past is about to catch-up with you.
You, the hired gun with a sense of loyalty, the assassin with a sense of justice. And faith? What of faith? Trust in God, but carry a loaded gun. Bind yourself with mastery of weapons, and thoroughness of groundwork. Know when to hold your fire, when to just kill time, and when to strike. Track down those that force you out of retirement. Seep through the deep fractures of the world. Flow through the quarters of sin, crime, greed and dishonour. Be certain 47, in such places your enemies will hide at first, until the only safe place, is behind you.
You watch your back, number 47.

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