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Enhanced Daggerfall Music v2.1

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File Info: Enhanced Daggerfall Music v2.1

Enhanced Daggerfall Music v2.1
Frank Howell
Also known as:
Morrowind, Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind
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Description: Enhanced Daggerfall Music v2.1

As soon as you enter the tavern/dungeon you will immediately get a flavour of the old Elder Scrolls games with these 13 music tracks.

Version 2.1 - 1 track has been rerecorded for better quality

If you crave the nostalgia and presence of the old Elder Scrolls games Arena and Daggerfall, then this is the answer all wrapped up nicely in a Morrowind mod!

This mod now consists of:

1) 13 tracks (of which 6 are new from v1)
2) more instruments
3) Code to make different music play when you enter different buildings/dungeons

To install:

1) Unzip the file into:
C:\...\BethesdaSoftworks\Morrowind\Data Files\

If you have the old version, delete the old tracks first
(hint: they start with FS...)

If you enjoy the tracks email me:

[email protected]

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