Earth & Beyond 5 Day Demo - Not Available

File Info: Earth & Beyond 5 Day Demo - Not Available

Earth & Beyond 5 Day Demo - Not Available
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Earth and Beyond
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Description: Earth & Beyond 5 Day Demo - Not Available

NOTE: This demo is no longer available!

A massive alien invasion has thrust the first online galaxy into war, and the war isn't going well. The galaxy needs a hero. The ongoing story of Earth & Beyond puts you, and thousands of other players, in the middle of a science fiction epic. Download the full version and play for five days free, or have a set disc mailed to you postage free at The future of the human race depends on you!

Blood. Violence.
Blood. Violence.

Earth & Beyond is the first massively-multiplayer online role-playing galaxy. Thousands of players come together online to live the lives of legendary science-fiction heroes. As the captain of a powerful starship, you will carve out your destiny in this unique space-based universe. Aside from combat, you can also advance in the game through exploration or trading. Whether you prefer to explore the mysteries of the universe, become the most powerful warrior in the universe, or buy low and sell high as a shrewd trader, Earth & Beyond offers all those possibilities.

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