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Hearts of Iron v1.05 Patch
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Description: Hearts of Iron v1.05 Patch

This patch for the WWII themed RTS title offeres a number of gameplay tweaks and fixes. See details in more information.

Gameplay tweaks

* Naval Combat
- Changed transports sea and air defence to zero.
- Transport ships can no longer shoot back.
- In Naval Combat, escorts are more often killed before transports now.
- Tweaked naval targetting algoritms.
- There are now command limits for air and naval combat too. No more 200 ship stacks :)
- Planes should now scramble automatically from carriers when they engage in combat, to join in bombarding.
- When fog of war is off, enemy fleets are now also visible on the map, although detection still works as normal.

* Paratroopers
- Multiplied transport plane cost by 5 (a division needed around 1000 planes in order to be transported!)
- Raised cost and supplyconsumption of paratroopers significantly.
- Can no longer drop paratroopers if the transport planes are not fully organised.
- Loading paratroopers now makes the transport planes completely unorganised.

* Technology and Units Stats
- Tech trees have been revised extensively, implementing alot more prerequisites, so it is no longer possible to tech-rush.
- Reworked Tactical value for the later model Tactical Bombers
- Mechanized troops are now available alot later with Mechanized HQ's. This is historical. First full mechanized divisions were not fielded before 1941 anyway.
- Reworked ICcost*Duration of constructing fighters, they should now be faster to build and cheaper than bombers.
- Reworked costs and durations of all plane types
- Reworked panzer costs and durations. They should now be more historically linked with their type.
- Added one default softattack point to marines, as well as higher default organisation (35 ~ 30). Higher speed too. It should compensate now for their longer build period and higher cost. Before, there was no point in building marines as infantry was better anyway.
- Added a higher defense value and a higher movement value to bergsjaeger.

* Misc
- There is now a dissent penalty for not producing too little supplies when a nation is out of stockpiles.
- You should no longer be out of oil or supplies suddenly in allied territory extending from an allies homearea.
- Landunits moving (not retreating) will now lose about 1% of organisation each day.
- The leave alliance diplomatic action now causes the standard 7 day diplomatic delay
- Unit leader names are now shown in the unit rollovers (except at the lowest intelligence level for foreign units).
- Province rollovers now display the correct owner and controller
- Military access is now always automatically cancelled for countries that end up at war with each other.
- Reduced the english convoy transports daily-increases.
- Increased US Consumer Goods Demand.
- Flying Bomb and Flying Rocket are no longer influenced by bad weather
- Advanced types of Nuclear Bombs now deactivate less advanced type.

* Mod Support

- Fixed alot of reported problems with mod-dir.
- Scenario editor updated to conform to new data formats.
- The event commands "set_leader_skill" and "set_leader_loyalty" should no longer cause CTDs if the leader has been slept.
- The event command "addcore" should no longer cause problems when adding a province that is already a national province of a country.
- Removed the following defunct event commands:
+ reveal_leader_loyalty
+ reveal_minister_loyalty
+ detect_units
+ minister_loyalty
+ leader
+ wake_leader
- More feedback should now be given to modders on serious errors in their files.

* General Bugfixes

- Fixed a CTD that occured shortly after the last member of the last opposing alliance was annexed.
- DI now used correctly for military access diplomatic actions.
- DI now used correctly for the leave alliance diplomatic action.
- Changed country.csv and renamed existing sprites to make sure USA and France and others have tanks that change sprites. Same for fighters. No more bi-planes all around.
- Mirrored the vertical Polish flag. According to flag laws, when vertical, the Polish flag should have white on the left and red on the right
- Fixed a problem with the US goverment for the 39 and 41 scenarios. Roosevelt's HoS ID was used for his HoG position as well, causing problems upon reload
- Fixed an ID problem in the Japanese Minister file which caused the 1937 Elections sometimes not to show up. Also fixed another less notable ID error in that file.
- Fixed lots of ID errors in the Republican Spain minister file which could cause crashes.
- Fixed a minor error in the Australian 1939 setup that caused the 2nd Cavalry Division to be indestructible
- Added correct AI references to all countries that had none specified in all scenarios.
- Removed the coastal fort in Ilagan (Phillipines). It had no sense since there wasn't a beach either. It was quite a rocky coast anyways.
- Renumbered lots of ID's for all minister files to fix all possible conflicts.
- Fixed a small bug which made org recover quicker at higher difficulty for the player.
- Fixed another ctd with province control changes.

AI Fixes

- Improved AI handling of dissent.
- Improved AI for setting sliders.
- AI strategic redeployment threshold raised
- AI should now be better at building up forces on the border prior to declaring war.
- AI is now handling naval stacks a little bit better.
- AI will now attempt to retreat with his navies if the odds are against him.
- AI will no longer sign peace immediately when protecting their sphere of interest.
- Japan should now be more wanting to invade the Phillipines, Indonesian archipel and the Pacific Islands. Might even attempt entries into Burma and other territories
- USA should now be more active in the Pacific and Europe
- United Kingdom should now go all the way in North Africa and will also attempt invasions in Southern Italy and Normandy
- Killed a bug that caused the French to build forts along the Belgian border again
- Changed German buildpreferences so that they build some strategic bombers. This to encourage a Battle of Britain
- Changed build preferences for most major countries to make for a more historical force distribution
- Changed garrisoning priorities for USSR. It will no longer put troops on the borders with Tannu Tuva and Mongolia. Emphasis on Japan is also lower.
- Changed garrisoning priorities for Japan. They will now put more troops on their islands, next to USA. Lower emphasis on the USSR. Higher emphasis on China and the Philipines
- UK and USA should build a tad bit less planes now
- Germany now has an invasion header added to its AI's to make the execution of an invasion in Crete and Norway much more likely
- UK AI should now keep more troops on their home islands
- Italian AI should now defend Northern Africa a little better
- Italian AI should now ignore garrisoning borders with fellow Axis powers
- Major players in the war should now research doctrines more
- Nationalist China should now focus more on land doctrine too
- Venezuela and the Czech Republic now have an own AI file
- Germany should now hopefully invade and garrison North Africa, Corsica, Crete, Norway and Italy a bit more
- Reduced the influencing lists for quite some majors
- USSR AI now uses reserve_prop parameters which causes them to defend in depth and keep more reserves
- USSR AI now ignores some more borders and garrisons more likely borders again

Scenarios and Events

- Updated the country specific model names, and extended the amount.
- Added new graphics for ITA, JAP, USA and UK.
- Added a few more historical flags.
- Added several thousand new pictures.
- Updated minister files.
- Updated leader files.
- New minister & leader files for country's that had none.
- Revised techs and oob for GER, ITA, UK, USA, JAP, FRA, MAN and POL in all scenarios ( no POL in 41 of course )
- Updated models.csv.
- Added some missing event triggers and faulty commands.
- Removed the event triggers from the UK guarantee to Poland. a historical "road to war" should now be much more likely
- Collaborating french leaders will now be "slept" via event in all scenarios. Vichy has its own leaderfile
- Collaborating Romanian and Hungarian leaders will now defect to Germany in the Anschluss event and be slept in their national leaderfiles then.
- Austrian leaders that served in the German Army will be awaken in the German leaderfile after the Anschluss has occured.
- Updated and fixed UK, Dutch, Japanese, Italian, French, German and USA convoy files for all scenarios.
- Fixed a unit placement error for the USA in 1941 scenario where the Mobile Force was actually in Panama instead of Mobile
- Fixed the naming error that caused a Lend-Lease Event not to show any text
- Alot of German doctrines removed from the 1936 setup. Germany now gains its doctrines through some of the pre-war events. This in an attempt to stop early, a-historical succesful German moves. They will switch to their normal build AI in the Münich Event.
- Gave a few major nations extra transports and escorts in their scenario setups
- Gave rudimentary techs to Iraq, Mongolia and Sinkiang in all scenarios. Same for Communist China in 1941 and Liberia in 1939 and 1941
- Added some AI_event to automatically create convoys between Canada-UK, UK-USSR and USA-UK when the war is on
- Added some minor national claims to some countries
- Republican Spanish leaders and ministers that defected to the Nationalists in the Civil War are now slept in the Civil War event series
- IC in Cape Town was lowered and raised in Johannesburg.
- In case of Romanian refusal of the Vienna Diktat, the command now carrier a leave_alliance command for Romania as well to prevent it DOW'in the Axis if it's Axis already
- Revised alot of unitnames.
- Added minor oil reserves in North Vietnam
- Changed troop X and Y coordinates for Georgetown (GUY) so that the troops don't show up in Paramaribo anymore
- Changed city X and Y coordinates for Prince Rupert so that the coal reserves there don't show up all the way in Vancouver anymore
- Updated the artillery, naval doctrine and land_doctrine techs in favour of the "special" infantry units.
- Done alot more map changes, mainly terrain. Astrakhan region is now marshy (lots of swamps there), some mountain regions were made hilly, Nederösterreich is now clear, etc etc.
- Event Major Worker Strike (ID 1008) should now no longer lower IC permantently. It was a little too severe. Supplies are distracted instead
- Romanian Oil events are now more severe. Germany now gets 15000 oil in each event
- The oil that goes round in the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact is now higher: 30000 units
- Germany is now no longer able to dishonor the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact after it has been forged. They really weren't in the position to do that back then.
- Vichy now also gets claims on Lebanon and Syria
- There is now an AI_Event that makes Nationalist China join the Allies when they are at war with Japan and Japan has DOW'ed the USA
- Lend-Lease Events from USA to USSR now only trigger if the provinces affected by the event are not in Axis control
- Added AI events to make the Dutch and Belgians move their capitals to the colonies when nearly annexed
- Added an AI choise event to make Germany DOW Denmark sooner
- Brazil now has 150mm+ Battleship tech in all scenario to correspond with their OOB
- Iraq, Mongolia and Saudi Arabia now have basic techs in all scenarios
- Japanese Mechanized divisions are edited to Motorized divisions. Halftracks were extremely rare in the IJA
- Major Seapowers now have naval supply techs 6009 6010 6011 13103 13104 in all scenarios
- Liberia is now a puppet of the USA in all scenarios. USA controlled the Liberian rubber industry during HOI timeframe and it prevents the Axis exploit of conquering Liberia for the rubber.
- Anomalities regarding province ownership in North Africa (1941 scenario) are now gone. Italy and UK now control and own the correct provinces. No more double owned
- Nationalist China has now extra techs in each scenario and rightfully so. They were ahistorically weak before
- Coastal Forts removed from the Phillipine islands
- Czechoslovakia now has larger resource stockpiles. This to allow them to support their industry without giving the Germans an edge
- Nations are now given resource stockpiles in 1941
- In 1941 Vichy now also has claims on Syria and Lebanon
- Argentina now has claims on the Falklands in all scenarios
- Belfast now has claims on Belfast in all scenarios
- Japan now has the 400mm+ Battleship Gun researched in 1936 in order to make research of the Yamato Class possible
- Coastal forts removed in Singapore, Bergen and Trondheim. Only a small measure and it helps the AI alot
- Added transports to most major war participants in all scenarios
- There are now steel convoys running from Norway to Germany in 1936 and 1939. Steel is deducted from Germany mainland
- Corrected the faulty German OOB's in 1939 and 1941
- Added some IC to the 1939 Soviet file that normally is added through events.
- Pacific islands have been given VP points to encourage a more historical Pacific campaign
- VP points on the Aleutians removed (come on :
- Basrah and Kuwait now have beaches

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