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Azure Tower Defense (BARREN)
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Warcraft III, Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos
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Description: Azure Tower Defense (BARREN)

Prevent the vast army of Mnesthes from defiling the Great Tree of Life by building deadly towers and summoning powerful heroes.

The influence of the vile Mnesthes has drained the water from the once pristine flowing rives of the Azure Vale. And now he seeks to corrupt the very Tree of Life at the heart of the Glade! You must build towers and train units in order to prevent the vast army of Mnesthes from defiling the Great Tree of Life. Monsters will spawn on the four sides of the map and make their way towards the center. If they manage to reach the Tree, then they will slightly corrupt it. If the Tree becomes 100% corrupt, then all is lost.

Azure Tower Defense (BARREN) has been specifically formatted to minimize lag in large scale internet games on Several things were done in order to accomplish this, one of them being that less monsters now spawn. In order to compensate for this, the prices of several items have been increased.

- 40 rounds of chaos and mayhem!
- Viscious, maniacal bosses!
- Heroes and powerful items!
- All towers can attack both ground and air targets.
- You can summon additional tower builders and units from your altar of summoning.
- Most towers can be upgraded several times. To upgrade your towers, do research at your Azure Sanctum or select an upgrade at the tower itself.
- You can get rid of a tower by selecting the Demolish Tower button at that tower.
- The amount of monsters is proportional to the amount of players. So the less players there are, the less monsters there will be. However, regardless of the number of players, monsters will spawn from all sides of the map. So the more players there are, the easier it is to effectively cover the map with towers.
- To reduce lag in tower defense maps, lower the visual complexity of the game in the video options menu.
- Be sure you set your music volume in the options menu high enough that you can hear it!

This map was made by the original creator.

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