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Arx Fatalis Patch v1.17

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File Info: Arx Fatalis Patch v1.17

Arx Fatalis Patch v1.17
Arkane Studios
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Description: Arx Fatalis Patch v1.17

This release includes new features and fixes to your English version of Arx Fatalis with the v1.17 patch. See more info for full details.

Arx Fatalis Patch v1.17 Fixlist:
- Fixed a crash with the inventory
- Fixed a bug with sounds settings not being remembered

Features for v1.16a:
- Fixed bug triggered by patch 1.16 with an Akbaa stone in Akbaa temple.

Features for v1.16:
- Fixed a bug with Pog and stealing the Troll Idol
- Fixed a bug with Alia not telling the right dialogue after the final cinematic
- After the Ylsides Invasion, the door in front of Maria Shop is now unlocked
- When Alotar opens the reserve, you won't have to talk to the goblin lord to get the door opened
- When Alia is rescued, a cross is added on the mini map to know where to meet her later
- Fixed a bug with the bridge in the Akbaa Temple
- Hero won't say "Not Now" anymore when trying to give the papers to Polsius in the Tavern
- Fixed a bug with the poisoned pasta & the goblin cook
- Miguel shop chests are now reset & refilled on reload
- Fixed a bug with chicken drumsticks
- Hitting the Meteor now also triggers the cinematic
- Fixed the dwarf forge
- The troll guarding the bridge (Level 3) has been moved near the stairs
- Weapons/Armors enchantment has been re-designed
- Fixed a bug with frozen objects script
- Friendly NPC's won't turn back to you anymore when bumping them from behind
- Cur0001 directory is now deleted when launching the game
- Fixed a bug with Carlo and the Queen Florence Plot
- Kultar stats have been lowered (During Ylside Invasion)
- Fixed a bug at the end of Kultar Cinematic (During Ylside Invasion)
- Added a gore flag in the cfg.ini file.

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