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The Specialist 3.0

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The Specialist 3.0
The Specialists Team
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Description: The Specialist 3.0

The Specialist has moved on to version 2.1! The new version adds more weapons and even more special moves to use against your opponents. Read below for more details!

Here's the list of what you'll be finding in 2.1:

New thrown weapon physics. Weapons will fall and tumble in a realistic manner.
- Updated particle system for bullet strikes and smoke when you fire a weapon.
- Fixed not being able to dive if you jump off something.
- Fixed The One mode.
- Lots of other minor bugfixes.
- Updated the recoil to be smoother.
- Backwards velocity slightly increased.
- Weapon damages slightly increased.
- Knives will now ricochet off a wall if they strike them at a shallow angle.
- lastinv command re-implemented.
- cl_accel cl_accelexp and cl_accelmax "mewcelleration" added.
- Many slight adjustmnents to weapons.
- Shrapnel added to grenades.
- Crosshair removed for fu, knives, katana, nades and the unscoped Barett.
- Added attacking with the stock of a weapon, for the M4A1 and the sawed-off shotgun.
- Reload button blocks in kung fu.
- Added in force chase cam spectator mode.
- MAC 10 removed and replaced with the H&K UMP.
- Added support for the mouse in the buy menu.
- New Akimbo Berettas model.

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