Resident Evil 2 Desktop Theme

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Resident Evil 2 Desktop Theme
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Resident Evil 2 Platinum , Resident Evil, Biohazard 2
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Description: Resident Evil 2 Desktop Theme

This will turn your desktop into a Resident Evil 2 themed desktop. See more information for installation instructions.


1.) Once you have downloaded the file, double click on the icon.

2.) A window will open and ask for an "Extract to" location.

3.) Type "C:" and click on the "Start" button to the right. This will extract the files into the "c:\Program Files\Plus!\Themes\" directory. If you would rather have the files extracted to a different directory, click on the "…" button and browse to the directory you would like to use, or type the directory in the "Extract to" box.

4.) Click on the "Start" button in the window, and the files will be extracted into the "Themes" directory.

5.) Once the files have been extracted, go to the "Control Panel" by clicking on the Windows Start button, select "Settings," then click on "Control Panel."

6.) In the Control Panel, you should see a "Themes" icon. Double click on the "Themes" Icon.

7.) In the "Themes" Window, there will be a drop down menu that has all of your available themes. Resident Evil 2 should now be included in this list.

Alternatively, you can browse to the c:\Program Files\Plus!\Themes\ directory and double click on the "Resident Evil 2.theme" file to run the theme manager.

For Windows XP users, Click on the "Display" icon in the Control Panel, and then select the "Themes" tab and you will see a pull down list of your available themes.

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