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Copyright 1995-1996 Blue Byte Software

English / US Version 1.02


1. Memory Requirements

2. Smartdrive

3. Screen Display - VESA Driver

4. Autorun (WIN 95)

5. Alliances

6. Storage of Merchandise

7. Protecting the Headquarters

8. Keys "C" and "S"

9. Emergency Program

10. Blue Byte News

11. Brief Walkthrough of "Training"

1. Memory Requirements

SETTLERS II requires around 7MB

of free XMS memory. If you do not

have enough XMS memory available,

the program will first try to run

in a memory-saving mode. This

means that certain graphics will

not be loaded. If this does not

work either, you could try running

the program without music. To do

this, start with the NOSOUND.BAT

batch file.

2. Smartdrive

To reduce loading time we recommend

using the "SMARTDRV" program.

Please see your DOS manual for


3. Screen Display - VESA driver

SETTLERS II supports the VESA

VBE standard for the support of

SuperVGA graphics. Many SuperVGA

graphics cards are directly

compatible with VESA VBE.

If you have problems with your

graphics card, try the following


1. If you have received a VESA VBE

driver with your graphics card,

install this and then try running

the game. Many VESA VBE drivers can

be installed directly from DOS.

Follow the instructions in your

graphics card manual.

2. In case you do not have a VESA

VBE driver for your graphics card

or your VESA VBE driver does not

function with this game, we have

included the UniVBE VESA VBE driver

on this CD. To install the UniVBE

VESA VBE driver, you must only run

the INSTALL.EXE program in the UNIVBE

directory on the CD. Please note

that the UniVBE driver is Shareware.

Do not forget to register if you find

the UniVBE driver helpful.

Follow the instructions during

installation to register this

copy of the UniVBE.

4. Autorun (WIN 95)

If you have problems in Windows 95

with the Autorun option, please go to

the AUTORUN.TXT file. There you

will find a list of possible fault


5. Alliances

You can set who will be your ally

or foe here. In "People vs. People"

all peoples of the same culture

are on the same side. "Human vs.

Computer" means all computer players

are against you. "Every man for

himself" should be fairly easy to

figure out.

NOTE: As soon as a player attacks his

allies, these become his enemy. At

the same time, the allies of the

people attacked become the attacker's


In the statistics window, players

can check which computer enemy is

currently allied with whom. The

colors of the allies are shown as

small rectangles in the players'


6. Storage of Merchandise

In the headquarters and storehouses

it is now possible to individually

decide for merchandise and workers

whether or not they may

be stored in this particular

storehouse. Players can also choose

which goods are to be compulsorily

transported out of the store.

7. Protecting the Headquarters

Players can choose how many soldiers

are to protect the headquarters.

These will then only leave to defend

the HQ.

8. Keys "C" and "S"

During the game, key "C" shows you

the name of the building.

With "S" you can also insert

additional information on the


9. Emergency Program

If you receive the message "The

emergency program has been activated"

in the message window, your remaining

stores of wood have been reserved for

building a woodcutter's hut and a

sawmill. You should then build these


10. Blue Byte News

This CD also contains an edition of

the latest Blue Byte News. Change to

the NEWS directory and run the

INSTALL.EXE program to access playable

demos and great videos of upcoming

Blue Byte Software programs.

You will find further information on

Blue Byte Software, our products and

great tips for SETTLERS II on our

Internet homepage:

11. Brief walkthrough of "Training"

The is a lot to do in "Settlers II" so

keep playing and you will keep finding

new things to try.

Once the chapter starts you will get a

message window - this window will pop

up from time to time to give you new

information and tell you what to do


The first thing you need to do is to

build a Woodcutter, Quarry and a

Sawmill. Press the space bar, you

will see the screen fill up with

golden flags and buildings. The

flags represent places where you

can build roads, and the buildings

show where you can build each of three

sizes of buildings.

The woodcutter should be first. Click

on one of the small golden huts above

and to the left of the HQ (tent), it

is important to remember that a

woodcutter will need trees nearby to

cut down. The windows that pops up is

the action window, it allows you to do

many things throughout the game.

Right now it shows all the types of

buildings you could build at this

location. Move the mouse over the

building that shows woodcutter on the

bottom of the action window and click.

A empty lot with a blue flag is now on

the screen.

Now you need to connect the blue flag

in front of your HQ to the one in

front of the soon-to-be woodcutter.

To do this click on the flag in front

of the woodcutter, the action window

comes up again, this time with

different options. Click the build

road option and then on the flag in

front of the HQ, you now have your

first road. Builders and helpers will

now come out of the HQ and start to

build the woodcutter's quarters for

you. As you watch you can see them

moving building materials (wood and

stone) to the new building site and

begin construction.

Now you need to build the Quarry. The

quarry is also a small sized building.

Follow the same steps above but build

the Quarry close to the outcrop of

rock to the lower right of the HQ,

after all to create stone for building

the stonemason needs large amounts of

granite to work with.

Next is the Sawmill, where the

carpenter works. The Sawmill is the

first medium sized building you will

need. You must click on the golden

icon of a 'L' shaped building on the

map and in the activity window.

By now you should see a dove on the

bottom left of the menu bar on the

bottom of the screen. Now click on the

dove to open the Post Office window.

You will receive many messages here,

from the attack of other peoples to

where a geologist finds new raw

materials. To close most windows you

can click the top left corner or right

click anywhere inside the window.

If your not sure what a button does

press the 'i' key and move the mouse

over the button, it will give you a

short description on the button. You

can also click on the '?' in many


to get a more complete explanation

on what that window does.

Now experiment. Try clicking on

the HQ and to see what you

can do there. You can see what

raw materials you have left, how

many people of each profession

you have and how many soldiers

are set to defend your HQ. You

should not need to make adjustments

to the HQ often, so be careful, you

can unbalance your whole economy


Click on the saw mill to see what

stock is waiting to be turned

into boards for building.

There are many other windows and

functions in the game, you have

a good start, pay attention to

raw materials and supplies. Above

all else ...

Have fun!

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