UT2003 Dedicated Server v2225

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UT2003 Dedicated Server v2225
Atari and Epic Games
Also known as:
Unreal Tournament 2, Unreal Tournament II
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Description: UT2003 Dedicated Server v2225

This is the stand-alone, dedicated Win32 server for UT2003 v2225. You will need to get a server-only CD key to run the server.

UT2003 Server-Only Version 2199

February 17, 2003.

This is a dedicated server only version of UT2003. It contains ucc-bin and the minimum files required to host games for retail UT2003 players. You may use it for free provided you agree to the terms in the License.txt file in this archive.

There is no installer for this version. Simply unzip the contents of this
archive into a directory on your server.

For your server to appear in the global server list and participate in UT2003 stats, your server needs to be allocated a CD Key. Please visit this website to get your server CD key:


- Epic Games, Inc.

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