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FL-AVA v.1.4

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File Info: FL-AVA v.1.4

FL-AVA v.1.4
*AV*Apollo and *AV*Sentinel
Also known as:
Ghost Recon 2, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon II
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Description: FL-AVA v.1.4

Two NEW multiplayer game types: Juggernaut and Command & Conquer.
NEW kit restrictions for online play: no projectile explosives, balanced kits, shotguns only, custom pistols only, no sensors
8 mission campaign PLUS one bonus mission


Adjusted combat model making it 100% less likely to kill with a shot to the lower arm or lower leg.

Added one complete never released BONUS mission. You are the bomb disposal unit on the Docks at night.

SuperGrid command map overlays.

Moved enemy spawn positions to reduce chance of spontaneous generation in view of the player.

Changed objective in mission 7 so that killing prisoners doesn't cause mission failure.

Reset default uniform for woodland maps back to originals.

Changed default uniforms for jungle maps to the AV Tigerstripe.

Removed binoc kits that showed in single player.

Scripting bugs from the Ghost Recon patch.

Kit restriction added to allow equiping any primary with any secondary. This will become the "no restrictions" setting. The old "no restrictions" setting is renamed "balanced kits".

Kit restriction added to allow only hand thrown grenades. This will be named "No Projectile Explosives".

NEW multiplayer gametype, Juggernaut, in addition to the already popular Command & Conquer gametype. Game is loosely based on Behemoth solo gametype. Control minor bases for weapon upgrades. Control main (central) base for team scoring.

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