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This mod enhances and improves the visual quality of Quake with a custom OpenGL engine which supports Windows WGL and Linux GLX.

Parts of Dark Places mod that were 'scavenged' from other mods:

Visible weapon player models from Quake Done Quicker (which took them from Deathmatch Essentials)
Shell casing model (forgot where I got it, I think Ultimate Quake, note the other casings are my own skins, doubt anyone really cares about a cylinder with a skin on it :)
Flag model from Threewave CTF (what's Capture The Flag without the authentic Threewave flags?)
Plasma gun sounds from Nelno's Plasma Gun mod (although he ripped them from DOOM, of course)
Burning sounds (sound/fire/launch.wav and sound/fire/burn.wav - ripped from Ultimate Quake, launch.wav is not currently used)
Flag pickup and capture sounds from Threewave CTF
Foot step sounds from Quake: Scourge of Armagon (mission pack 1, not used in it however... I doubt Ritual Entertainment minds me using them)
Of course, if anyone of the above mentioned mod teams or companies wishs me to remove something, I will immediately remove it and try to find a replacement.
All other parts are either scavenged (and modified) from the classic quake files, or are completely my own work.

Maps (included in darkplaces mod, but are playable without it):

dpdm1 a very small and brutal deathmatch map.
dpdm2 a very large in-progress deathmatch map.

Quick Guide To The Mod:

darkplaces -game darkplaces
You can change video modes by typing commands such as these:
vid_fullscreen 1
vid_width 1024
vid_height 768
vid_bitsperpixel 32

Note: Video settings are saved to config per -game.

To play the mod either start a singleplayer game and play through normal quake levels, or try these examples:

dpdm2 with deathmatch 7 (monsters in deathmatch) example:
deathmatch 7
map dpdm2

dpdm1 with bots example:
bind b "impulse 101"
deathmatch 1
map dpdm1

Hit b repeatedly to add bots.

The bots work in any simple quake map (they don't understand liquids, doors, lifts, etc).

Since people don't seem to read the ingame instructions (dphelp in console), +button3 is the altfire on weapons (very useful with the plasma rifle - zoom for sniping :), and impulse 9 selects the grappling hook (multiplayer only).

Another note: scratch1 controls the number of monsters in deathmatch 7 mode, for multiplayer servers I don't really recommend going over about scratch1 15 (15 monsters in the level at once), 0 is the default and means 50.

Multiplayer connections to darkplaces servers (not normal quake servers) should work from clients behind NAT routers (known to not work with the Earthlink one however).

And since some people wondered... the spikey balls while playing singleplayer quake maps in the mod are caused by objects starting embedded in a wall or ceiling or whatever, they are to indicate to the map author that it might have fallen out of the level... Unfortunately this seems to occur a lot more than it should, I haven't figured out the exact cause yet.

Windows OpenGL Note: DarkPlaces requires OpenGL, if it does not work for you in windows first make sure your graphics card is capable of running glquake, if you encounter problems try GLSetup, but no guarentees. And make sure you do NOT have a opengl32.dll file in your quake directory unless you have a 3DFX card (see 3DFX instructions below)

Windows 3DFX OpenGL NOTE: if it does not work correctly, copy the Quake3 compatible driver (windows\system\3dfxogl.dll or 3dfxvgl.dll) to the quake directory and rename it to opengl32.dll and it should work.
Accessing the CVS server (you need a cvs client to do this):

cvs -d:pserver:[email protected]:/cvs/cvsroot/twilight login
(enter anonymous as password)
cvs -d:pserver:[email protected]:/cvs/cvsroot/twilight checkout .
(downloads all of the twilight cvs into the current directory - darkplaces, dpmod, twilight, hmap, lmp2pcx, lhfire, etc)

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