Dungeon Siege v1.0 - v1.11.1462 Patch [German]

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File Info: Dungeon Siege v1.0 - v1.11.1462 Patch [German]

Dungeon Siege v1.0 - v1.11.1462 Patch [German]
Moritz Franckenstein
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Description: Dungeon Siege v1.0 - v1.11.1462 Patch [German]

The first official non-beta patch is available and will update your v1.0 install to v1.11.1462. See more infomation for details.

Version 1.1 of Dungeon Siege contains the following updates and changes:

* Fixed all known journal update issues related to quests. The Journal now
updates correctly when a quest is completed or a new quest is received.
* Fixed all known content placement issues such as inaccessible containers that
could not be opened and "floating" objects.
* Increased game performance in several low-performance areas.
* Resolved all known issues with end bosses, such as Gom not fighting back on
rare occasions.
* Fixed all known fading issues.
* Updated ZoneMatch user interface and improved ZoneMatch functionality and
performance in the following ways:
o Icon indicating password protected games.
o More user friendly chat interface.
o New searching support based on user-defined filters.
o Ability to message friends from ZoneMatch interface, the staging area,
and end-game screen.
o Increased stability.
* Resolved issues with sounds cutting out.
* Added safety to prevent the game from starting if critical resource files are
missing. Notification dialog will appear if any of these files are missing.
* Added data corruption retry code - game will attempt to recover from unstable
hardware causing corruption in data that is loaded from hard disk.
* Moved screen shots into their own \Screen Shots subdirectory to clear up
* Added new command line options:
o noalttab=true, prevents task switching during gameplay (supported on
Windows XP only)
o nowinkeys=true, disables the Windows keys (supported on Windows 2000
and Windows XP only).
o user_path=, specifies where the user files go (rather than \My
Documents\Dungeon Siege).
o Other path-related command line options are: keys_path, map_paths,
mod_paths, res_paths, save_path, and shots_path.
* Fixed the issue of a missing or moved "My Documents" folder causing problems
such as crashing on game start.
* Improved many error messages to include more information to better help
diagnose hardware configuration problems.
* Added an hourglass cursor to show when the game is busy.
* Switched to 100% client/server model to be more NAT- and firewall-friendly.
* Removed "chunky" and "superchunky" cheat codes.
* Displacers now save their state in the character save file in multiplayer
using new quest saving functions, affording some measure of "saving" in
* "Transmute" scroll can no longer transmute characters.
* Fixed problem of characters getting "stuck" in the Swamps.

Mod Related
* Switched map node mesh index format to be more mod-friendly when gmax is
* Added a new naming key format to be more mod-friendly.
* Exported many new functions to allow even further modding of the game.
* Added dsdll extension method.
* Exported UI functions and added 'command' and 'call' actions for UI modding.

Version 1.11 of Dungeon Siege contains the following change:
* The duration for blood has been shortened and the flying debris of monsters
in combat has been reduced, and in some cases eliminated.

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