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CSMapRandomizer 1.0

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CSMapRandomizer 1.0
Goh Mingkun
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Description: CSMapRandomizer 1.0

CSMapRandomizer randomize the order of your mapcycle, so that the maps will never run in the same order again.

mapcycle.txt contains a list of maps (levels) that Counter-Strike refers to when you run a server.
The only problem is, when additional maps are placed in the maps directory and you want to play them too, it is necessary to add them to the mapcycle.txt manually.
Besides that, the order of the maps does not change at all, which means that, everytime the server change map, it will be in the same order.

CSMapRandomizer will lists all the maps in the maps directory (a subdir under cstrike),
and gives the option of adding wanted maps to the mapcycle,
removing unwanted maps from the mapcycle,
and randomizing the mapcycle.

You may also enable the 'Auto-Randomize' Timer and let this program run in the background, before you run your Counter-Strike server.

- detects your cstrike directory where possible
- add/remove maps in your mapcycle from your maps directory
- filter the maps shown in the maps directory
- randomize your mapcycle
- keep a backup of mapcycle.txt before randomizing
- enable 'Auto-Randomize' of your mapcycle (using a Timer)
- display the time left before mapcycle is randomized
- keep the program "Always on Top" of all other windows (Useful)
- keep your program settings (in a XML file)


No special installation is required on Windows.
CSMapRandomizer can be put in any folder (together with other required files).

You may make a shortcut to it on your Desktop.

This program is free. You may distribute it, but you may not charge money for it.

Send suggestions and comments to:
[email protected]

Programmed by Goh Mingkun using Visual Basic 6.0

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