Virtual Reality: The Real World

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Virtual Reality: The Real World
Shaun Forsdyke
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Description: Virtual Reality: The Real World

A single player mod which takes place in a virtual reality world. Set in locations from popular films.

Virtual Reality: The Real World

This mod is based on Virtual Reality. The story is set in the secret labs of BM where the player is the first person to test their VR machine. A pod which takes yourself into a virtual playing field and places you in what ever scenario you care for. In this case, in the shoes of all your favourite action heroes. Lets just hope the virtual gaming world carries insurance.
The Story.
A few months after the black mesa incident. News stories were put to rumour and cases were dismissed. It was just another cover up. Unaware to the public activity was still extremely high in Black Mesa. The military had set up base there in hunt for all known survivors. These were professionals and needed positive IDs of all the bodies so they couldn't just blow the complex sky high.
A small group of security guards and scientists had gained access to one of the secret labs deep down in Black Mesa. Sealed of with blast doors it was almost impossible for the military to gain access. It was discovered that work had begun on a virtual reality training ground. The scientists soon got the project started again in hope that they could train themselves in combat and have a chance against the marines. One of the security guards, Shaun Forsdyke had knowledge of virtual world building and begun designing for the VR machine. A few more months pass where they still remain in hiding. The project had been completed and it was now time to test it out....

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