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Sudden-Impact MDK 0.7

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File Info: Sudden-Impact MDK 0.7

Sudden-Impact MDK 0.7
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Description: Sudden-Impact MDK 0.7

A collection Of prefabs, textures and sounds, ideas, to create maps for the
HL mod sudden-impact.

Welcome to the Official Sudden-impact Map Dev Kit, you may use these files, to create your own Sudden-impact map. You are not allowed, to use these for other maps, mods or projekts. If you want to start working on a Map for Sudden-impact, please inform us and we┬┤ll post it in our news. Also it is recomennded to get in contact with us, to get the passwords, for the other optional Map dev kits, with many more textures, to enhance
your map.

If you want to get those passwords, you should send along some shots of your map, or we wont be able to give you the passes

FGD 0.35

- main
- decals

- bob2 by boblem
- colt by Nay
- scorn by boblem
- monk by Nay
- monk2 by Nay
- Monk_2 by Nay
- thepit by Nay
- interception by Nay
- pipeline by Nay
- rj by Nay
- studio by Nay
- dark by Nay
- cit by Nay
- halo by ailiyah
- canyon by Bluthund
- sunset by Bluthund
- bud6
- avanti

- Baum.mdl by Songokux
- Desert.ol
- Gras.mdl by Songokux
- Palme.mdl by Songokux
- Bandage.mdl by sic
- Needle.mdl by sic
- Schaufel.rmf by olli
- Telephone.mdl by sic
- Truck.rmf by olli
- Walkytalky.mdl by sic
- by p80
- by nightmare
- Sudden-impact.ol by stinger
- Uestung.mdl by mgm
- Bulldozer by p80
- Cactus.mdl by sic
- Tonne.mdl by sic
- Record.mdl by sic
- Bank.mdl by sic
- Pan.mdl by sic
- Koffer.mdl by sic
- Gully.mdl by sic

- 10_14 (Subway)by p80
- wind by sic
- wind1 by sic
- bg_fire_1 by sic

- button by sic
- button1 by sic
- button2 by sic
- dooropen by sic
- dooropen1 by sic
- dooropen2 by sic
- elevator by sic
- flame by sic
- air_attack_1 by sic
- air_attack_2 by sic
- rocket_start by sic
- key by sic

- son_castle1 by songokux
- son_castle2 by songokux
- son_orient by songokux
- son_military by songokux
- son_boss by songokux
- son_china by songokux

To contact us, email [email protected] or contact me via icq 133841737

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