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Stuart 'MrBunwah' Maine
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Description: Aftermath

Aftermath is a single Player level from MrBunwah, the author of Chaos Theory (a Planet half-life level of the week).


Aftermath casts you as a survivor in a post apocalypse wasteland. As
it starts you've stumbled on the, seemingly deserted, remains of an
outpost of some sort. Do what you can to survive and move on.

------Designers Notes------------------------------------------------

Aftermath is a single bsp episode which will take from 10 to 30
minutes to complete, depending on how easy you find the puzzles. The
level is really an attempt to try two things: Firstly, to see just
how much detail you can get into a level before running out of
brushes (as a result it may run badly on slower machines).

Second, I wanted to try and create a spooky horror atmosphere,
without using any new textures, sounds, models, etc. The results
aren't too bad, but I did struggle with Half-life's limited selection
of enemies. If you want the full spooky experience make sure you've
got the Half-life CD in the drive before you start. If the feedback
for this one is favourable, I might expand it into a full episode at
some point.

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