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Total Club Manager 2003 Demo
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Total Club Manager '03, TCM 2003
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For football managers everywhere, EA Sports bring you the Total Club Manager 2003 Demo to celebrate the start of the UK football season.

Total Club Manager 2003 is the ultimate in club control. Manage your favourite club the way you feel it should be managed, sign the players you want in your side and scout for the hottest young prospects. The most immersive, in-depth and interactive football management experience available even allows you to shout commands from the bench and influence the course of a match in progress, hold press conferences to get the press on side and congratulate or slam your players for their performance on the park.

34 leagues including the fully licensed English Premiership, French LFP and German Bundesliga with over 20,000 FIFPro players and more than 25,000 up-and-coming youth and generated players.

Not content with that, TCM 2003 also has extensive features such as: Youth Development, Detailed Training System, Transfer market, Tactical Strategy, 3D Match Engine, Text Mode, MP3 Player and Talk Radio Link and Data Editor.

Welcome to a game of two halves.

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