Outpost 2 Scenrio Pack 1

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Outpost 2 Scenrio Pack 1
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Outpost 2
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Description: Outpost 2 Scenrio Pack 1

An update pack for Outpost2.

This Scenario Pack includes three new multiplayer scenarios:

Peacekeeper (two players, Last One Standing)
La Corrida (four players, Last One Standing)
Pie Chart (six players, Last One Standing)

Peacekeeper and La Corrida include a Computer-controlled player which will defend against any intrusion into its territory.

In addition, Scenario Pack 1 includes some updates to your original Outpost 2 software. These changes are:

- In the Allied Siege (6 player) map, starting locations are more spread out with 2-4 players.

- In mission 12 of the Eden Campaign, a small modification allows the mission to run much longer without exhausting internal resources.

- The program, OUTPOST2.EXE, has been improved to work better when there are more than 256 buildings on the map.

- Switching between SIGS and Outpost 2 has also been improved.

Note that you cannot play multiplayer games against other players unless they too have this update

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