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Morrowind Armorer Plug-in 1.94

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Morrowind Armorer Plug-in 1.94
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Morrowind, Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind
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Description: Morrowind Armorer Plug-in 1.94

A blacksmithing mod that allows you to create your own armor! This latest release fixes the infamous mining axe crash and other misc. bugs.

Changes from Beta 1.93

It turns out that 1.93 did not totally fix the Mining Axe crash bug. I also noticed some other bugs when I started playing with it again. So I decided to make another small release to fix these issues and add some minor things.

- Fixed Mining Axe crash for good!
- The Mining Skill Record is now acquired the first time you talk to any forge vendor. If you lose the skill sheet just talk to them again and you'll receive a new one.
- Fixed mining skill experience bug, you will now properly level up after smelting. Included protection against losing mining experience just in case level up delay does occur.
- Added new dialog descriptions for all the public forges. Vendors will now tell you exactly what can be created at each of the forges. Just ask them about the Public Forges and choose the one your interested in.
- Included optional carrymore2x.esp and carrymore3x.esp plug-ins, which will double or triple your encumberance limit based on your strength. For instance you'll be able to carry 1500 with 100 strength using the 3x plug-in. I included these plug-ins for those that are frustated about not being able to carry enough when mining. These plug-ins do not require armorer.esp, so you can use them seperately if you wish.

Mod Description:

This is a blacksmithing mod that allows you to create your own armor! The system i've created is similar to the blacksmithing system used in Ultima Online. Here's how it works:

The current version of the mod allows you to smith 13 types of armor. Ebony, Glass, Bone, Dwemer, Steel, Iron, Imperial Templar, Imperial Chain, Imperial Steel, Orcish, Indoril, Nordic Iron/Ringmail and Dreugh.

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