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Goldeneye's Complex
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Description: Goldeneye's Complex

The level "Complex" from Nintendo 64's Goldeneye.

The level "Complex" from Nintendo 64's Goldeneye. The textures are as boring as the were in the original game... and here's a review that complains about that and other things (, but the point is just that a level that I had so much fun at in one game can now be played in another.
Have fun!
Stephen "SMKnight" Klancher

Original Readme:

Goldeneye's Complex by SMKnight

Title : Goldeneye's Complex
Date : 3/14/2000
Filename : complex.pk3
Author : SMKnight (Stephen Klancher)
Email Address : [email protected]
Site: :
Description : The level "Complex" from Nintendo 64's Goldeneye.
Additional Credits to : CyberBob for umm... testing... or something.


- Play Information -

Players: Original level was for 2-4 players and had 7 start locations. This is the same but I recommend more like 4-8 players.
Bots: Yes.
Weapons: Rocket Launcher, Rail Gun, Plasma Gun, and of course, Machine Gun, and Gantlet
Armor: Two body armors, same place as the original level.
Health: No health -there wasn't any in Goldeneye.
Music: None included, but the level will play anthing in the music dir named Complex.wav

>>>>>>>>TO PLAY THIS MAP<<<<<<<<

Put the complex.pk3 file into your baseq3 directory, and type "\map complex" at
the console.

- Construction -

Base : From scratch
Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant
Additional Tools : MSPaint (if only I had one of those cool gfx programs!)
Known Bugs : Well, the lights don't look as good as I had hoped...
Build Time : Too long, but it's my first map.

Textures used : Base Texture set + custom textures by me.

Compile machine : P2/233 with 32Mb Ram, NVIDIA RIVA 128, running Windows 95
bsp_FullVis(light extra): 45 minutes

- Copyright / Permissions -

You have permission to have fun!
You do not have permission to claim my work is your own.
If you want to see the map file of this level run the following command:
[Quake3 Dir]\Tools\bspc.exe -bsp2map [Quake3 Dir]\baseq3\complex.pk3\maps/complex.bsp
Just make sure, if you make use of it in any way, to notify me and give me some credit.

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