Disciples II v1.3 - v1.41 Patch (Italian)

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File Info: Disciples II v1.3 - v1.41 Patch (Italian)

Disciples II v1.3 - v1.41 Patch (Italian)
Strategy First
Also known as:
Disciples II, Disciples 2: Dark Prophecy
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Description: Disciples II v1.3 - v1.41 Patch (Italian)

Here is the v1.41 patch to your strategy title that pits the four empires against eachother to control the Sacred Lands.

Disciples II - Patch version 1.4 Change Log

Bug fixes:

- Fixed AI loop with "Move to Location" order when
locations were under certain types of objects
- Fixed crash with larger maps due to internal buffer
- Fixed being unable to save 144x144 maps when roads
were placed in far corner
- Added / fixed a few keyboard shortcuts
- Fixed crash when using potions during leader
exportation at end of saga
- Fixed crash in hotseat when displaying certain
spells that were cast in turn summary
- Fixed hang when using the "continue move" hotkey with
destination being an ennemy rod
- Fixed autobattle toggle not working properly if
activated while ennemy is attacking
- Fixed crash when pressing Tab key while dragging an
item in some interfaces
- Icon is now displayed properly in spell book to
indicate spells that have already been cast this day
- Stacks with orders that have a target set to AI
priority 0 now carry on their order anyway
- Fixed crash with "Go into battle" effect when a
stack template is selected

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