Tokami Island

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Tokami Island
Tim Fairchild
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9-map pack for Half-Life set in an ocean facility

The story is set in another facility, this time built in the ocean caves under Tokami Island. The facility is a combination of various mining and research opperations. There is possibly some Xen portal construction work in progress. Now the facility has been overrun by renegade military forces. The government military is sending in a strike force, but Freeman isn't real happy with that. He has friends and colleagues down there and it's likely they will be wiped with the rest in the bloodbath. But after recent opperations, Freeman has friends. They can get him to the coast of the island unseen so that he can get into the base and warn any scientists who might survive... Freeman doesn't like the chances of anyone being alive, but he's going in anyway. And if the scientists are dead then these guys are going to pay. His biggest problem is that he's going in alone and unarmed. Just to warn people and get them out. Not to engage in combat... Yeah right!

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