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A Union soldier moves across the scorching desert sands in a 'mobile fortress': a two-legged, mechanized HAWC cruiser. A mech-game supporting "Death Match for up to Eight Players".

The Headquarters lie five miles to the southeast, and they'd flattened Bendian Mercenaries a few minutes earlier. This mission looked like a wrap. Suddenly, a firestorm courtesy of the Scorp arsenal rains down.
It virtually paralyzes the Union offensive.

The Union HAWC'S holographic display says it all: Shields down. Damage critical. The only option: EJECT, then steal an enemy HAWC.

In a flash, you're on the ground, running like hell toward the Scorp HAWC Cruiser. Damn, it's occupied.

Launching your Gas Assault Shock Rifle [GASHR], you know the Scorp doesn't have a chance.

He's on the ground wondering what the hell hit him while you commandeer the massive machine.

The battle continues. You must save your wingmen before they're mere specks of sand in the vast desert.

Prepare your brain as you launch the VISOM Fly-By-Wire missile. Cool, it's a missile cam. What a rush!"

Looks like a mech-game.. supporting "Death Match for up to Eight Players". For Win95 w/ DirectX

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