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Empire Earth v1000 - 1040 Patch (English)

File Info: Empire Earth v1000 - 1040 Patch (English)

Empire Earth v1000 - 1040 Patch (English)
Also known as:
Empire Earth 2
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Description: Empire Earth v1000 - 1040 Patch (English)

Here is the v1040 patch to bring you up from a fresh install of this stunning 3D real-time strategy title. This is the patch for the English retail version.

The update makes the following changes to the original version:

Game Stability Solutions

Fixed a crash when players were scrolling along the edge of the map.

Fixed a crash that could occur upon exiting the Civilization Builder.

Fixed a crash that could occur if the chat window was brought up twice.

Fixed a crash that would result from excessively long chat messages.

Fixed a crash that could occur if a target Cyber was both being converted and time warped at the same instant.

Other Resolved Issues

Fixed a bug that prevented the right ctrl key from being registered properly.

Fixed a building hit point calculation bug that would result from the destruction of a player's Ishtar Gates.

Fixed a few random map issues that would result in uneven player start position with the Plains map.

Fixed a bug where the game audio would sometimes cease to play.

Fixed a bug where the computer player AI could sometimes build over its pop cap.

Fixed a couple issues that could result with players losing their connection upon game start.

Improved granularity of the mouse - increased the top speed while also better handling accuracy issues on fickle mice.

International Version Issues

Fixed a bug where the @ symbol could not be entered on some non-English keyboard layouts.

Fixed a bug where the random map generator would fail on non-English language systems.

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