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Beam Breakers Demo (English)

Beam Breakers Demo (English)
Download Beam Breakers Demo (English)
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File Info: Beam Breakers Demo (English)

Beam Breakers Demo (English)
Fishtank Interactive
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Description: Beam Breakers Demo (English)

Beam Breakers is a fun racer with varied challenging missions and thrilling races. The player finds himself in ‚flying cars’ and races through Neo York, the New York of the future. Giant skyscrapers and heavy traffic create an unique atmosphere.

Features of full version:
..... ===
campaign with 57 missions
More than 30 distinct vehicles in five vehicle classes
Competition mode with 30 races
Survivalmode, observation mode
Support for up to six multi-players
Massive traffic; one of a kind environment and atmosphere

Minimum system requirements:
..... ===========
400 MHz Pentium II
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
3D graphics adapter with 16 MB RAM
DirectX 8.1 compatible graphics adapter and sound card

Recommended system requirements:
..... =============
750 MHz Pentium III
128 MB RAM
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
3D graphics adapter with 32 MB RAM and T&L support
DirectX 8.1 compatible graphics adapter and sound card


Acceleration: A
Break: Y
UP: Cursor down
DOWN: Cursor up
LEFT: Cursor left
RIGHT: Cursor right
TURBO: Space
Toggle Antigrav: l
Action: S
Look Back: x
Map: M
F2: Set Cockpit Perspective
F3: Switch to Third Person Camera, press again for another

Gamepads. Joysticks and steering wheels can be configured in game.

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