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King Doom Experience v4.2 RC2

Download King Doom Experience v4.2 RC2
48.7 MB

File Info: King Doom Experience v4.2 RC2

King Doom Experience v4.2 RC2
KDX Team
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Description: King Doom Experience v4.2 RC2

A nice package containing 21 Doom engines, all managed by the best Doom frontend available. Offers single and multiplayer support

'IDE meets KDX' (IDE2KDX_probe.exe)

- Bridge between the Internet Doom Explorer and the KING DOOM
Frontend. It will send the information required for playing
on a selected server right to the KING DOOM Frontend

'Host to KDX' (HOST2KDX_probe.exe)

- Little tool to send any host/IP string address string to the
KING DOOM Frontend. Mainly for playing through ICQ

3rd Patry Tools and Programs:

BSP 5.0, glBSP 1.96, glVIS 1.4, ZenNode 1.1.0

- Will be used within the KING DOOM Frontend Console

Internet Doom Explorer v3.x

- Can be launched from the KING DOOM Frontend

Pkzip, Pkunzip, rar, unrar

- Will be used within the KING DOOM Frontend Console

SLIGE build 485

- Will be used from the KING DOOM WAD Factory

TeamSound 5.6 Freeware

- Can be launched from the KING DOOM Frontend, if the
selected server supports TeamSound voice chat

Doom Ports:

The following Doom source ports are also included, ready set up and
configured to work with the frontend:

Source Port Version Comment
ACBot 1.04 AC Bot is based on Doom Legacy
Boom Win32 2.02 Boom to Win32 port (1st PrBoom)
CSDoom 0.7 Beta
Doom3d 1.16 Needs patch for KDX (included)
EDGE 1.27
JBoom 1.8.3 Beta 8th Feb 2003
JDoom 1.14.0 Doomsday 1.7.6
JHeretic 1.3.0 Doomsday 1.7.6
JHexen 1.2.0 Doomsday 1.7.6
Legacy 1.40
PrBoom 2.2.2
Skulltag 0.93 Beta
Vavoom 1.15 Beta 1
ZDaemon 1.03
Zdoom 2.00 Build 38
ZCajun 0.99 Based on ZDoom 1.22
Zdoom GL 0.73 Based on ZDoom 2.00 Build 38
Eternity 3.31 Beta 1
Doom4Win 1.11
WinDoom 0.96a


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