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Rcon Commander v2.00

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File Info: Rcon Commander v2.00

Rcon Commander v2.00
Also known as:
Quake 3: Arena
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Description: Rcon Commander v2.00

This allows you to send commands to Quake 3 Arena servers and administer them remotely without having Quake 3 Arena installed on the client system.

Some of the features of the current version are:

Auto-Complete - As you type, common commands are completed on the fly. You can turn it off, too if ya don't like it.
Auto-Query Status - Get basic info from a server every specifed number of minutes or seconds.
Themes - Different fonts and color, including BigScreen Mode- huge font and maximized - great for projecting on walls at LANs!
Console Logging - Enable\Disable the option of logging the contents of the Rcon Commander console.
Password Saving - Enable\Disable the option of saving the password on application exit.
Status button.
Serverinfo button
Command list
Varable list
Web enabled to check for updates

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